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hayyy howsit goinnnn

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3 of the easiest words for me to say to anyone thats within 10 feet of me. and carry on like we've known each other for 40-45yrs (when i was drinking and didn't know about my problems) now i sit at home most days (unless i run outta smokes) and smoke pipe after pipe and miss those good ole days (and thats bad s---4 me) because im the kinda guy that unless im drinking i have no social skills and now that im not drinking and acting more like a fifty year old and dressing different (I mean everything!) and i hate it i think? i don't know maybe i need to change my pipe tobacco to something (more numbing?) i really don't wanna go back to drinking but i'm also really lonely and BORED oh well what to do what to do

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Hey shadow, I know it can be easy to fall into old patterns when it comes to depression. Do what you can even if it's a little thing to change up your routine. That can be enough to get things started on the path to better mental health. When someone asks you how it's going for example try telling them your having a bad day. And see where that goes. May lead to a deeper conversation and that's a start to be feeling a little better. Hang in there!

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yeah i've done that before and it sometimes leads to there problem of oh lets say there ol mans catheter problems or there moms cancer or there dads disorders or there bypolarizam or if your really lucky they'll tell you that the guy behind the counters an alien. I mean i used to love crap like that

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Hey, how's it going shadow68?? When I forget a name of someone I know, I too reach out with "Hey :) " How are you? It makes them feel as if you remembered them. And you're right it's as if you've known them forever.

What if I told you, you wouldn't need alcohol as your "confidant" in socializing with others?' That person you are when under the influence can be you if you practice being this outgoing person. I was once shy, introverted and would sit quietly in the background while the socializing went on. Adding to my anxiety terribly.

On my job one day, I was allowed to attend a seminar for Salesmen. A salesman is doomed if he doesn't have that charismatic approach to people making them feel welcomed and liked. The whole approach was first learning to like yourself, building your self esteem and confidence and then "role playing". Role playing this outgoing "Hey, how you doing" person that you are with alcohol. Others don't know you are shy, you can be anyone you want to be by play acting the part. ((takes practice) Life is a stage, we are but one of the actors. :)

You start slow by interacting w/others until you are confident enough in the reaction that you get from others being drawn to you. There may be something on YouTube to help you go forward and become the guy you want to be. Just sharing what changed my life for the good. I don't drink, I don't smoke so the only thing I have is MYSELF. Believing who I am. Shawdow start with yourself, listen to the advice of others who have gone through the same issues. I wish you well. It can be done. :) x

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shadow68 in reply to Agora1

hey thanks.

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You've got this :)

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