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Is this just a phase or something more?

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Hi, i've been feeling incredibly tired and sad,now i don't know if this has to do with my past problems or its genetic.But it feels like each day i get sadder.I have a good life and i don't think i have a reason to be this miserable.I constantly am afraid about my future life what will i do, i have no motivation doing the things i once loved the most, i don't have energy.I don't know if this has to do with my past problems(intrusive thoughts).I really don't want to feel like this,and i got this really sharp chest pain out of nowhere.My mind is running into a million places at once.Constantly thinking negative thoughts.I don't have much intrusive thoughts now and even when i do i don't get as much anxiety as i used to.But still im really really beat down.I don't feel like myself. This has been going for long enough now i really don't want to feel like this.

15 Replies
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Hey, sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Could this possibly be situational? Like I know seasonal depression tends to pick up for a lot of people around this time of year. Not as much sunlight and what not. Have you gone to see a doctor or talked to anyone about it ?

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Hi,tbh i dont know if this is seasonal maybe.And unfortunately i've never been in therapy even when i used to suffer more from intrusive thoughts.And i think its the time i go see one.

Thanks for your response <3

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Have you seen your Doctor regards these feeling and what caused them in the first place. We all have things labouring in our past and sometimes they can come back in as we get older, You need to come to terms with anything that is still hanging around and allow yourself to move on

Your Doctor may decide a course of CBT may help so you can talk out your problems and address them.


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wanttobefree in reply to borderriever

No i've never seen a doctor for my mental problems,i see a lot of response suggest this CBT method i guess i will.

Thank you so much for responding Bob <3

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The pandemic really made my ScHiZoPhRenIa and depression worse... I have extreme ups and downs right now... Literally a heavy weight after bouts of productivity... These last few months I've been despairing, drinking more regularly, escaping into my love of music... I lost my appetite repeatedly... Wondering if I'm gonna starve myself to death, but I just wait it out until my head surfaces from the stress... Hopelessness is usually temporary if you're patient, and find distractions... When I'm despairing I sometimes call crisis hotlines...and really helps...cause my family aren't compentant to confide in... I see a therapist regularly, and I try to keep focused, or try to put my mind to something less taxing, or just escape into a fantasy world temporarily until my mind decides I had enough.... Lately I've been making Playlists on Spotify of my favorite music, just to do something... Sometimes my dreams slip away, like God disappeared...and I have to face the shadows that haunt me.... I guess finding beauty in the darkness helps.

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wanttobefree in reply to Freakinout3

Im really sorry to hear that,anytime you need you can chat me or vent something if thats helpful.Youre not alone <3

So many things in general are bothering you and you’re not sure what to focus on, it sounds like CBT would be helpful, give it your best effort with the most positive attitude you can muster.

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Yes i see CBT could really be helpful,thank you so much <3

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You will be happy how hard they try to help you

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Go see a Dr. A natropath if possible. There could be underlining medical issues. I was like that for years before I found out I have hashimoto's thyroid disease . Western med Dr kept telling me I was fine but wasn't doing a full thyroid panel. Also,you don't have to have a messed up life to suffer depression. Be kind to yourself and get yourself some help. Best of wishes to you

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wanttobefree in reply to Vinnie77

Im so sorry for that.I think i have to see one.Not gonna lie my anxiety jumped a bit when i saw your response haha.But thank you so much for your response,best wishes to you as well <3

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Hi, WantToBeFree. I just wanted to let you know I am here for you and understand everything you are going through. I absolutely feel the same way you do most of the time as well. The thoughts of "I live a good life, why am I feeling sad, confused, angry, alone? Why do I get anxious, panic-like, fearful?"...those are all thoughts I get on a daily basis, sometimes with no causation or reason at all. And the longer it goes on, the less like yourself you feel.

While I know this advice is likely really lame and doesn't help much at all, all I can say is hang in there. When you have those thoughts or those moments of sadness, take a deep breath and just "be" for one moment. Sometimes it takes just one moment to remember and reconnect with who we are on the inside. While 95% of the time this likely won't help and you still will feel all those dark feelings, those 5% moments really do help remind you. And maybe the next time you stop and "be", it'll be 6% of the time you can connect with the real, happy and content you.

Also remember, this year has been a real...B WORD (if you catch my drift), so also cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to feel out of sorts, because well...the WORLD is out of sorts.

I hope this at least makes you feel somewhat more "normal" and accepting of yourself, because I feel the EXACT same way. I know nothing I can say or do right now will help you 100%, but I am here to talk any time you need it.

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wanttobefree in reply to MountainLover22

Yes those are my thoughts too,i'll remind myself and i hope it'll word ,my day is 90%(anxiety,sadness,and future thoughts) and sometimes 10%("happy") and thank you for the response.Be well <3

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So sorry you're feeling this way. Perhaps a trigger of some past trauma, or seasonal affective disorder is the cause. The pandemic isn't helping much either. Maybe start by contacting, or check to find a local counselor. The sooner you can talk to someone, the easier it will be to get out of the "depression pit". Prayers for peace, calm, and strength.

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wanttobefree in reply to pam4him

I'll guess i should try because im not feeling so well.

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