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Signs in our life


I felt so hopeless last night for a short period of time, but feeling was so powerful as I was thrown off the cliff.

Thank God I fell a sleep easily.

And today i had longer list of things to do, so got busy ... and felt ok.

But I have received also an important and unexpected email this afternoon.

I am looking at it as a sign and support from universe ... as it is saying to me : there is hope, don’t give in to despair. Thank you universe?

Do you guys believe in signs?

Do you have stories like that?

Because a few things in my life happened when it seems like I was given a sign : do this and it would be ok. And I followed those signs.

Sorry if i sound crazy, no I am not crazy yet(I hope) :)

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You are not crazy. I strongly believe in signs. I’m always anxiously waiting for them. It’s hard to think of an example right now. Maybe if I’m thinking about giving up and I see a sign in my email or on Facebook saying something about not giving up, I actually high five myself 😂 Can I ask what this email was about? I think it’s great you’re having okay. And having a list of things to do is SO good for keeping busy. I’m really impressed and happy for you ☺️

email was about an interview for a job in 2 weeks. I don't count to get a job from this interview, but last night i felt that nothing will work out ever...that i have to learn how to live without purpose and additional income which i need. And this morning i got this invitation, as a good sign, i think.

That is a HUGE sign! You were LITERALLY just thinking about how you won’t ever have purpose and wake up to an email like that!!

I know I can’t work right now; however my fiancé and family tell me to go on interviews to get experience, to get out of the house and maybe one will catch my eye.

I’d say go on the interview. What do you have to lose? Even if you don’t get it, maybe the purpose or sign was to lead you to start looking. Research the company though so you are prepared and write a few questions about the company and the job itself.

I’m excited for you!

Yes, i will go. I know that i have "practice" it, and it elevates my self- esteem.

It is challenging this search for job in every stage, but that what i have to do..and not lose hope.

Thank you for sharing your story. No, you are not crazy. Many things happen in our life that are unexplained, but make all the difference in the world. I am glad that e-mail gave you hope. I hope you too are getting the professional help you need, especially when you feel that low. Recently I have watched this video that was very inspirational. I would like to share it with you.

Keep that hope in your heart and know you are special and have a special purpose for your life. God has a plan for all of us. We may not always know what it is but he made us uniquely and wonderfully made and that is encouraging. I will be praying for you and please keep posting how you are doing. Love and Blessings!

thank you! Your words are very comforting for me. When i get too depressed or anxious, i say this to myself: "give it to God, relax, and believe".

i will take a look at video and let you know:)

So glad that is comforting. My motto has been "God is in Control" and "Let Go and Let God". I had to learn what that means, but once I internalized it in my heart, I truly try to let God be in control, because in the truth is we have no control, only God does and he knows what is best for us. Another site I recommend is The author has some inspiring articles on how live a healthy life and avoid depression. Hugs!

thank you. I am listening now to, and it is very good. The guy is so sincere and deep. I want to believe him :)

I think the important part is listening to his words. Then trying to remember what he shared during the times we are struggling. My prayers are with you. :)

It doesn’t sound st all crazy. I believe in and look out for signs always. Everything is connected.

Omg, the idea of signs from #TheUniverse is such a commonly and widely held belief amongst me and my friends, that we even have a hash-tag for it! #TheUniverse! lol

So we've narrowed it down a little over the years. Really, by #TheUniverse, we mean, "The powers that be" -- so this is common ground for any religion, so no one gets offended! :)

So most of the time, I see signs or direct-actions from #TheUniverse as positive things or events. But like everyone, #TheUniverse throws bad things at me, like so much anxiety! But! Somehow, through it all, I see the bad things as ultimately making me a better person! So, four seemingly basic phrases I've learned are connected with this. And once you realize the connection, the phrases become ultra powerful for summoning strength or direction!

1) When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

2) That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.

3) Everything happens for a reason!

4) Be careful what you ask for... Someday you just might get it!

Wow, i am not alone in seeing signs. If it is a bad sign or something does not work out i am trying to say to myself: it was not meant to be, Universe knows better:)

2,3,4 - i know those . but i did not know 1)

Interestingly enough that mostly i remember signs which were positive, like someone was pushing me in the right direction. And i am grateful for that.


You're definitely not crazy. I think a lot of people believe in signs no matter what their faith or beliefs are.

The universe cooperates with you and sends you messages also, when you go inside and get quiet, and meditate regularly. Jappa medi is very good for this. Wayne Dyer teaches this. ie you tube ??????

morenews in reply to gerrerd

I do meditate but not as regularly as I need to. Have to check it out. Thank you

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