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Resilience needed!

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Hi friends, this is my first time on here. I have depression, and I take Paxil for it. It works ok... not great, but it’s nowhere ineffective enough to go back to the drawing board and try a different med (or cocktail of meds...). Because that was a nightmare.

I’ve noticed that throughout my life, I’ve lacked the resilience to cope with setbacks. I’m not just referring to big setbacks like losing a job, or a breakup, etc.; even little, day-to-day things like not finding the ‘right’ outfit in my closet or not accomplishing all I want to in a day can send me right back to bed to feel defeated.

I wonder if anyone has advice to help me become more resilient and bounce back after day-to-day setbacks?

Thank you!

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Welcome Monica36!

😮 wow. I love your hippo 😃 haha too cute!

I just got on Paxil and it saved me. My anxiety and depression are much less bothersome. Not perfect but enough that I’m like you, not going back to trying lots of meds all over again which was rough.

I know what you mean by the daily setbacks... I start feeling defeated about something I do or think and I’m hard on myself and then I have a mood swing and can cope until the next setback or mood swing of the day.

what dosage are you on? I’m on 30mg. I hear from my doc that going up to 40mg can help with ocd.

How to bounce back is different for everyone I think and right now for me it’s stuff like to let go of the day, get good sleep, practice finding positives, love more, trust more, also sticking with the things that help most like exercise or mindfulness meditations or diet or nature or art etc also I think I need to work on deciding properly when to push myself and when to rest and that’s a hard balance but I think it would definitely help.

Nice to meet you!!! And best to you.

I love your pic too. All I can say is give yourself credit for what you did accomplish.

Hi Monica36!

Setbacks, even daily setbacks, I think we all experience. For some, just to get out of bed and taking a shower is a tremendous feat! And I think it's natural to feel defeated when you didn't do everything you had hoped for that day. But as I have been told, "dont overthink it"! Any accomplishment for the day is a win. If you choose that you need rest and that's what's best for you at the time, then do it. Its JUST a setback. You don't need to beat yourself up about it. Be you and be happy!!


Hi Monica you sound ok,love the hippo is that yours,just keep your chin up and plod on ,keep the animal posts coming ✌🏼🐮

I recently suffered from major depression and anxiety it was a living hell but someone recommended to me acupuncture I found a dog that does acupuncture for depression and anxiety after five sessions I felt 100% better if I was you I would try the acupuncture but make sure they have have experience with depression and anxiety

Okay, to me, Paxil sucks! Lexapro + extra helps but boy, it IS really addictive. To get off of it, it takes a year. However Paxil? Forget Topomax! It is called by both sides of the fence as 'Stupid max.


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