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Claustrophobia at its finest

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Today was extremely hard but I have made it through the day and I am now home. So much stress, anxiety and depression in one day. I couldn't even eat all day because of how bad it got. I wish i could manage it better somehow. I think what made it so much worse was the claustrophobia and being crowded all day long. Working over in back to school sucks so much. Just a reminder of how bad school was for me for so many different reasons.

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I am so sorry to hear that. That sounds absolutely terrible. I worked in a mall before for long hours shift and I felt the same way. Is it worth it for you to keep the job since there are other jobs that don't involve being surrounded by people as much? I hope you are feeling better at home now. Take a nice long sleep and ease your troubled mind. Stay strong friend xoxo.

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