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Please help


I have anxiety and depression for nine years now. I have two children and have been separated for over a year now. I had to leave for my sanity. I now live with my mother and children. Lost my house and overwhelmed with financial problems. I work from home because I have social anxiety. I do not get enough work to support my family. I am another bout of depression and I can't stop crying. I am extremely lonely and can not get out of my head. I did meet someone last November but he is gone now. It was the best two months I have ever had in a relationship and I have felt so down since he left at the end of January. I don't have anyone I can talk to because the friends I do know have there own lives and families to take care of and I feel like a burden. I need help, I need to get out of my head and find a way to be happy with myself. Please any suggestions?

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I'm brand new here. I just wanted to give you a (((hug))) and wish you the best. I like to think of things 'one day at a time.' That's what works for me. I say that you do things that make you happy and keep saying prayers for all the wonderful things that you DO have. It helps me a little to enjoy the sunshine or the blue skies - the little stuff! :)

Hi, I think you are not alone when you say you want to get out of your own head . When you have come through such a difficult period... and still struggling... it's easy to get into the habit of going over things and reliving the pain. I hope that you can talk to your friends and family, I thought I was a burden to my lovely family but when told them how I felt they could not have been more supportive and reminded me that this is what families do for one another and I give to them in different ways. I also find talking here helpful, no feelings of burdening anyone or being judged . Take care X

Remember, family is forever. You may feel as if you are a burden, but chances are, they’ll listen and they’ll give you guidance or support. If not, you can find it elsewhere, such as here.

You did what you had to do in regards to “sanity”. It isn’t forever. You do you. Mental health is just as important as fighting cancer, in my opinion. You are not a bad person because of this.

Relationships can only do so much, romantically speaking. We should find love for ourselves and not from men/women we date. I know, I’ve been going through this myself and dealing with a breakup I thought was “perfect.” But, be realistic, I know it is hard sometimes, but perhaps this time with yourself is a chance for you to understand yourself and what you want and need. There are others out there that will fill that gap of feeling complete and being with someone in a romantic sense. For now, work on yourself.

To help, ask yourself: Why was this relationship so good? What did you derive from it? Can you like/love yourself as this person did at first? Did they offer you something that was missing? If so, what is missing? Can you fill that void yourself with friends, children, family, even your own self?

You want to get out of your own head, amen! Me too! I am sure a lot of us here want the same. So you are definitely not alone! Are these thoughts negative? Are they about you or other things that have yet to happen? Are they cognitive distortions? Have you been to therapy and do you know about cognitive distortions?

If all else fails, we can try the good old standby, “fake it till you make it.”

I’m here for you! I’m rooting for you! You will get through this, in time.

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