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I'm new here... New to the absolutely lovely and wonderful and always so sensical world of ADHD/OCD/Anxiety... My therapist definitely doesn't tell me this, but I believe I have solid symptoms of "the whole alphabet" of anxiety related things.

Speaking of the whole alphabet, and by that, I mean: (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I... Hmm... getting too bored, how about we try it BACKWARDS! Like this! Z, Y, X...) So anyway, what was my point again ???

Oh yeah! Now I remember! In all seriousness, I am being totally sarcastic with all of this, of course. But I am new to the community here, and I'm SO CHARGED (get it ? Pun ? Sorry, just a little issue with impulse control... that one slipped. Sorry!) about getting to know more about myself, anxiety, and connect with other people out there like me!

One last note! I promise! I just have to say this one last thing: Seriously, the whole reason why I went on this whole joking, sarcastic bit above, is so that I can say the following: I heard that the effective use of sarcasm is a sign of high intelligence... hmmm... and that would imply what about me ... ? [wink]

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... Still ruminating over my newbie post.

Question: How many anxiety related symptoms can you find above ? I'll start:

#1) OCD: Needs and follows instructions precisely -- the instructions say to start with "I'm new here..."

#2) OCD: Perfectionistic / Laser attention to details -- I know, I know, the instructions say that it should say "I'm new here..." in italics. But I was too lazy to figure out how to change it to italics in this blog...

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Your newbie post was just fine! Most of us do enjoy humor. Welcome!! Don’t critique your message! It was good. I’m sure you’re aware that ruminating is a big no-no!! 😉 Wishing you the best!

I like your sense of humor. Welcome. I’ve also heard sarcasm is a form of repressed anger, which I’m sure none of us here have. 😀

Welcome to the group I hope you get what you need out of it! I unfortunately don't know anything about adhd so I look forward to learning about from your posts take care All the best david

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