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Welcome to Positivity Friday!


Let your positive energy radiate. This is where our power comes to be.

We can take time today to observe our thoughts. Notice the messages.

Can you share here with me?

Can you share changing a negative thought to a positive?

How do you keep the power of positivity flowing in your daily life?

I am catching myself saying that I have too much to do, that I must rush and that the events will be difficult. The rushing makes me anxious and I don’t do as good of a job when I rush. In actuality I only have a few important things to do. They will get done. And events usually turn out better than I think so I will believe they will turn out well. I’m using deep breathing and gratitude to help me today.

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Good for you & a beautiful post! I love you soooo much!!!! XXX

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Thanks! Love to you soooooo💕

Hi love the post Starr!!!

Well done for catching yourself and changing your thoughts to positivity!

For me today because its so warm I just couldn’t find the energy to do anything! I felt like lazing around and doing nothing! But I got up and went for a lovely walk ! Got some lunch x

I enjoyed it and it got me out of the rut I was in ! X

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Hope, that is excellent! I’m happy for you! 😃

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Good for you, makes me happy!!!! Love & Hugs!!! XXX



Ok, Starr,

You already know I pray a lot & since GOD is real to me, it works wonders. Also stopping to do something nice for someone will get my healing juices flowing. Many rewards in being a good neighbor (and everyone is)

Cast your bread on the water and receive daily bread in return. Even if a person is ungrateful and sends back burnt toast, cultivate a taste.

Many experiences in my 78 years. Trust me :)

Sounds good I especially like and will remember “even if a person is ungrateful and sends back burnt toast, cultivate s taste.” Love it. 💕

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