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I have done some research on what I can do to help my depression and anxiety. I found that food can be a great tool... Yes food. Here is what I found out. Yes it works!

I have done some research to be sure I was going to give you accurate details regarding what foods help with depression... (kinda lengthy but well worth the read..lol) :)

~Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and beans

~Vitamin C - spinach, oranges, grapefruit, and peas

~Vitamin E - Egg yolks, chickpeas, seeds, nuts, and cook with canola oil

~Vitamin D - Being in the sunshine helps some, eat fish, tofu, low fat mild products and cheese

~ Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Fish, flaxseeds, nuts, canola oil, walnuts, dark green leaf vegetables

~ anti oxidants - Apricots, berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries), tomatoes, broccoli, kiwi, and peppers

~ Whole Grains - Brown rice, whole grain cereal, pasta and breads

~ DRINK LOTS OF WATER, decrease coffee flavored teas, juices and soda

~ Dark Green Leafy Vegetables - Kale spinach, swiss chard


Now, here is what NOT to have ...

~ Caffeine (chocolate, sodas)

~ Refined sugars (sweets---our favorite foods can use substitute)

~ Hydrated Oils

~ Salt (our body can only handle so much, overload is not good)

~ Simple Carbs ( pasta, white rice)

Ok my cyber friends, give it a try and still use what the dr gives you and speak to a trained professional on how to handle your triggers. Each of us have triggers and what works for one, may not exactly have the full benefit to another. But, these foods Do's and Don'ts will help. please let me know how it works for you.

hugs to all . Lets strive to be overcomers :)

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I’ll add a few of these to my grocery list. Thank you for the inspiration 🌸

Sabio77 in reply to BlueBelle06

Hey, nice to hear from you. Yes please do try to utilize it. Simple tool to feeling better. How are you doing?

BlueBelle06 in reply to Sabio77

doing pretty good! went back to work part time, which is keeping me busy. Still trying to get the medications right, but I feel like I'm trending in the right direction. I'm utilizing my faith a lot lately to support me, which is also helping. How are you??

Sabio77 in reply to BlueBelle06

that's awesome bluebelle06.. I'm so proud of you! Big hugs! you deserve a party to celebrate this success story. I believed you could become an overcomer... and look at you... YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER .. Woo-hoo!! Keep focusing on positivity and your faith. God is your answer. He doesn't make mistakes. You just made my day. Wow.... Glory to God! Keep going and don't look back. only if you want to see how far God has taken you. hugs :)

BlueBelle06 in reply to Sabio77

Thank you 🌸

Thank you for a really interesting informative post. I am definitely in favour of healthy eating and getting your vitamins naturally through food. Very inspiring. :)

Sabio77 in reply to Catwoman2018

Hi Catwoman2018. thank you. I thought that if it works for me. It will work for others. and guess what, its scientifically proven too. lol Yes, please give it a try. let me know how it works out for you.


Thank you, there is a lot of scientific evidence that your recommendations are correct. Basically, you are describing a largely vegetarian Mediterranean diet. My dad ate spot on a moderate and balanced diet of what you describe and lived a very active life traveling the world, driving and mentally sharp until his death at 96. He also claimed it was the half glass of red wine he drank with dinner each night. Naturally eaten antioxidants yes (but collectively in their natural form - food) rule! :-)

Sabio77 in reply to Scigy1

I'm glad that your dad lived happy and strong. Thank you for sharing his story my friend. How are you doing scigy1... also I love the cat photo. I'm a cat gal... lol :)

Yes, I have read about this a while ago. Thx for posting!

Sabio77 in reply to Yumaris

Hi Yumaris. I'm glad that this gives a little light to your recovering process my friend. let us know how things go :)

Oh one other thing, Yumaris, I have seen no scientific evidence that caffeine in moderation does harm. In fact, I think there was a large study last year that showed it does no significant harm.

Yumaris in reply to Scigy1

Yes I read the same thing!

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