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Today I met with my psychiatrist and feel like for the first time since starting therapy she care to the party. She was attentive, remembered things we talked about and even brought some things up. Today was the first time we talked about possibly prescribing medicine. She wants me to have as much information as possible, we went over some things in our session and she gave me homework to do some research of my own.

Here is my problem, since starting therapy and being diagnosed so many people keep telling me to not take medicine, all these people however are people who are not diagnosed with some sort of mental illness. Everyone who has ended up taking medicine has said they wish they’d taken it sooner and that it really does make a difference.

I know it won’t work right away and that it’s not a cure or whatever. I’ll still continue to do therapy and everything. My only question is why do people keep talking about addiction to antidepressants? Have many of you have experienced that and basically what’s your take and advice from people who have been in my position.

I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and as of today major depression or whatever.

Would love any sort of “two cents”. Thanks

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I have GAD and panic also. If you do a deep dive into SIRI, and SNRI's etc you will read that they work for 50% of the people 50% of the time. I agonized getting off Ativan. Prozac made things worse. I hated being in a fog and not being able to think quick and articulate well. Drugs put your brain to sleep a bit it seems among other problems. They (Dr's and the Big Biz Phara-Mafia) don't really know why they work or if they even work at all as placebos seem to do as well and there is no blood or other test for them you can take. BUT coming off them can be extremely problematic and you may have to take them for a very long time. No one really knows what works until you try. Google "Pills, Pills, Pills" by the wonderful York UK cardiologist Dr. Sanjay Gupta in youtube. Drug companies screw with the statistics also in their favor as they are the only ones with enough money to pay for the research. As they say, *Ya pays yer money and takes ya chances.

Here is a good reference page - mentalhealthdaily.com/2014/...


Hello JustHer!

So many opinions! I understand how you’re feeling! I was 31 when I first had a breakdown and came dangerously close to jumping off. I was in so much agony! Being pulled in many different directions by many different people! I decided while hospitalized that I was going to do what they told me to do and that it was MY decision to make and to live with. I knew I couldn’t go on as I had been or I’d wind up gone. I’ve been on Lithium ever since and various antidepressants and antipsychotics as needed. I haven’t regretted that decision 20 something years later. I feel like I have needed medication along with the positive things I do to stay mentally capable of working and living my life as a wife and Mother. Make your decision JustHer, and don’t worry about the judgment of others who would tell you differently. I followed my gut at the time and still don’t regret my choice! I’m wishing you the best on your journey! 🙂🌷🙂

People don't know what they are saying. You cannot become addicted to antidepressants. I would encourage you to speak to people who have lived in your shoes to get advice about this. The others don't get a vote because they have not lived it. Medication doesn't fix it, but it sure makes it easier. When my medication is not right my coping skills don't work. It is ultimately your decision. Remember, you can always change your mind.

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