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I've been suicidal since the age of 14.i cant get rid of bad past memories. They get to the point I hurt myself so I can focus on new pain .it blocks out everything else for a little while..I wake up the next morning and realize whatever I thought would kill me,didnt..whole new day to start over.i dont know how to control what I do when I get to that scared I'm going to mix lethal poison next time.

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Oh my goodness please don't do that! Do you know how special you are? There is only one you! I'm here for you anytime. I wish for you peace of mind. Lots of love & Hugs!!! XXX

I see you were referring to yourself. If you truly didn't care you would not have posted. Sounds like you need some serious help from a Dr or therapist. Have you gone to either? You may even want to voluntarily admit yourself to a hospital. Google Behavioral Hospitals in your area. I have gone to one in Florida several times and it has always helped. You don't have to suffer alone. Please get help.

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