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Anxious when sick


Does anyone else get really anxious when they get ill? I had a throat infection for a week. I've been stuck in bed and unable to work and been taking care of myself. I think I'm feeling less sick but way more anxious and rundown. I can never tell how sick I actually am and how much of it is my anxiety over inflating how I feel. Today I'm feeling very sad, anxious and my energy is low. I also really struggle to sleep. Got about 4 hours in last night. Night time is the worst time for me. Often I wake up feeling anxious and unable to get back to sleep.

Thinking about seeing a psychiatrist. It's just so expensive. :(

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can you take any over the counter sleep aides like night you have any allergy's to that kind of may help

I'm feeling so emotionally and physically run down today I don't think I can make it to the pharmacy. Good advice though. We don't have night nurse in South Africa (I don't think) but I'll look for something simular.

you may have's in England....

Yes! For me it’s at its worst before I get sick, it’s a severe anxiety. I’ve been battling a sinus infection/anxiety/depression for a week now and have gotten nothing done. It’s awful, I fee for you and hope you feel better soon.

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I haven't gotten anything done either and it's just made the anxiety so much worse. I was so sick and I still had anxiety induced insomnia. I think I'm physically better but emotionally I feel much worse. Hope you get better soon!!!

Therapy may be cheaper. Anxiety can be managed by working on your thoughts. The research actually shows that it has better long term results.

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Thank you for the advice.

I do too and I think I have agoraphobia

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