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Anxiety Ridden Days


I’ve been a bit unavailable due to being busy with work and school. But recently I’ve been struggling with anxiety a lot and I feel so overwhelmed in the face of all the debt I have and the paltry income I earn. I feel trapped and unable to find a way to make ends meet because of school. I don’t know what to do anymore and it’s just making me sick :(

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hi know, the thing about work and school together is that its enough to give even a saint anxiety. I know how debt feels... its the heaviest load that you’ll carry! But don’t give up on school. It will pay off. It definitely will. And I promise, there will come a time when you are going to look back on this phase and say, “Wow! I did thay

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your very right about that I least most employers will look at a degree as showing you have a brain and were willing to stick out school long enough to get a degree, all that can bump you up on the employment matter what....finish's next to impossible later on in life....when life happens....things just get away from us, and those goals of getting a degree get harder and harder.

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