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Vindictive Narcissist


I got into a long distance relationship with someone from my past that reconnected with me through social media. We talked and rekindled an old flame. This individual came to visit me and we had a romantic and intimate night.

Come to find out this person was lying about their marital status and now I’m being harassed online by their partner. I’ve had 3 interactions with this person via phone and private messages to explain my side of the story.

No matter how many times I review the story, it was never enough. Further and further clarity was needed and finally I decided to cease communication with this individual. I requested that they never contact me again and now I’m being threatened with a “visit”.

I suffer from sever anxiety and this last message really impacted me emotionally. I can’t sleep and I I cannot focus on work. I am constantly living in fear.

I reported the incident to my local police department as well as their local police department and have kept records of all interactions, screenshots, and more.

I’ve surrounded myself with supportive friends and family. Im not sure what else I can do.

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Thank goodness you've reported this to the police and you surround yourself with good people. Sorry this happened to you through this creep of a person.

Thank you for the kind words!


So sorry that you’re dealing with this issue. It sounds like you’ve gone above and beyond to placate his partner and help her to understand your side of the story. I think her blame is totally misdirected! She should be focusing on her side of the street, aka, her partner. I would try my best to view this as a huge travesty, and move on. You have exhausted your explanations and have nothing else to offer the situation. Let it go and only reflect on it for the lesson learned. I imagine that she’s bluffing about visiting you as she remains traumatized and hurt. Stop responding, as you said, and hopefully it will all come to an end. Wishing you peace of mind and sending hugs!!

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Thank you!


Get a civil restraining order- they are not hard for you to get and if this person contacts you again in any way

Text phone call visit they will be arrested

Maybe they will know you are serious and they will leave you alone

It doesn’t cost you any money and you do not need a lawyer

The bark is in most cases worse then the bite. My bet is they will never show up.

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