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This battle with depression has been truly tiring for me, but i continue to stand up and fight. I've lost a lot of family members and friends whether it be due by death or by choice. Never gets any easier on me honestly, but ill never give up fighting.

I was wondering if there was anyone that struggles to have friends because of this and If anyone wants to be friends/ a support system for each other because this battle is never easy especially alone.

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I don’t have friends apart from my family. I am at an age in my life where I am comfortable with being alone. If you’ve asked this question twenty years ago I would have jumped at the opportunity. My time to have friends or seek a romantic relationship has passed. It’s a natural progression of life.

Hi sportswizzard44, I agree. Depression is very tiring. I admire that you continue to stand up and fight.

I’ve lost a lot of family members in the last five years through death and family fighting. As for friends, I had many but I’ve pushed them away and have such a hard maintaining friendships. Unlike, here_i_am, I believe everyone needs friends and support. And this is a great place for support. There are a lot of really good people here.

Me personally, I’m having a hard time maintaining family connections let alone friendships. I’m a work in progress.

I’m glad you’re pushing on!


Thank you, its been a really difficulty battle

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