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I'm new. I have been dealing with depression for more than 25 years. When I was first diagnosed, I was prescribed Prozac and it was wonderful - until it didn't work any more. Since then I have been through just about all of them, none of which was ever as effective as Prozac was initially. I finally found TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) and went through a course about two years ago and it worked! More info here: If you are not familiar with this option, I urge you to investigate it. It is covered by insurance and Medicare - in fact, Medicare HAS to cover it.

However, occasionally people need "booster" courses and I am apparently one. About two months ago I went to see my doctor and she agreed that it would be helpful for me to undergo additional treatment. My STUPID insurance wouldn't agree until/unless I tried upping the dosage of my antidepressant, which doesn't work for me. They were aware of this because they were informed when I first applied for pre-approval for the treatment.

So for two months I have been taking an extra 20 mg a month of Cymbalta, which has not helped, and at this point I am just about immobilized. I sleep and I cry. If I didn't have to feed my dogs I probably would never get out of bed. I certainly wouldn't feed myself. I thought I could tough it out until I got my insurance approval but it is getting worse.

Oh, yeah, and my therapist quit accepting Medicare and anyway when I went to him all he said was, "You know what you need to do - stay active and busy."

I know I am better off than others who don't have the possibility of relief, but I am so tired and I feel hopeless.

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You are really strong and your dogs are lucky to have you. I’ve had problems with insurance too. Sometimes it feels like mental health is treated a second class health condition and I find it so frustrating. I’m glad you found something that works for you and I hope it resolves soon! I’m sorry your therapist said that to you. Seems really invalidating. A lot of times it’s too hard to do things to stay “active and busy” during the lowest lows. Try to take care as best as you can. Glad you reached out

Hang in there Elizabeth. There are days I want to give up but can't. Stop the Cymbalta and try something else. Good luck. I take Effexor and Prozac and Risperidone and lots of vitamins.

Elizabeth I am so sorry for my late reply I havent been on forum for a while I am glad you have joined this forum everybody is so kind and understanding,and can all relate to your feelings and fears.I have suffered with anxiety and depression for many years and like you my dogs gave me the reason to get up and get on with things when all I wanted to do was curl up and cry for no other reason than an immense feeling of sadness and panic.My GP prescribed various tablets but then put me on Prozac I started on 20 mg but then they were increased to 60 msg. They worked for about two years then just stopped and all my anxiety came back.I am now on Tamazapine 30mg I take one at night and it helps me sleep a bit better and takes the edge off my anxiety so I hope that these are the way foreword.You can write to me privately Elizabeth and I will try and help you drawing from my experiences take care big hugs Mydogs xx

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