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A never ending cycle


We have our good days, then our bad days, then the extremely horrible i feel like everything's not worth it days. How about the 'i can't en put into words how im feeling' days when you feel completely numb, you know something's wrong but you can't put your finger on it.... we can never catch a break. Sometimes the second i wake up my anxiety was already waiting for me

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Yep, this can sure resonate with me ..


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We're going in circles

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Yes at times we are. I just do my best to relish those good days, not easy at times


Same with me...

We all can relate

You just gotta hope the good days outnumber the bad ones and no matter how many bad days the good ones are worth being around for

Agreed, guess we learn to be appreciative of the good ones

You have to because focusing on the bad doesn’t help much. I’ve been down and on the edge more than a few times but whether it’s day or weeks or months later there is always a day that makes me truly happy to be around to experience it

I use to be anxious on my good days always wondering and worrying about it not lasting

I hear you Danielle. How sad isn't it that we can't accept ourselves worthy to have a good day w/o wondering in the backs of our mind, when the other shoe is going to drop. Quite normal for the anxious person but know that thought can be change. It is all in our power. :) xx

These thoughts are still in my head but im learning how to not let it take over and still enjoy my good days. I just remember it's Friday today might actually be a good one after all

We get what we believe. It's going to be a "fantastic" Friday. Time to make some memories. :) xx

Yeah I definitely know how that feels that’s how you make a good day into a bad one. You just gotta enjoy the now have as much fun as you can when the opportunity comes because you don’t know when the next one will be. Instead of being worried about it not lasting you should be worried about wasting a good day by making it rain

Im doing better now when it comes to that, i still worry but not much as before

I have to remind myself to 'get out of my own way' sometimes because I self-sabotage...always waiting for the other shoe to drop....chaos becomes the norm, and you feel on edge if something isn't going on.

Exactly!! Then you can't even enjoy the good days cause in your mind you're doubtful about it

I understand it all too well....but I will tell you that the older I get....and the more...'been there and done that' stuff that happens....things do calm down a bit. Especially the times when the other shoe does not have to drop, and I can be really okay having a relatively boring quiet day. I have enough stuff coming up in my life in the near future that I actually have to deal with, so I have to recharge my batteries to cope with it. Of course with this disease....something could trigger me and off I go ....but the best advice I can say that's worked for me most of the time....enjoy those quiet moments when you do get them... This life we live gets messy sometimes and unpredictable enough to worry about what's going to happen tomorrow....I can't control anything....wish I could...but that is just life. I can only control how I choose to handle things, 'act don't react'...that sort of thing. 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'....

I can relate

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Hahaha 😂😂😂 you know Matt i just might lol

I often have really bad dreams. The one's I remember, I'd really rather not. It's been years in the making, but I have found a way to limit how much of an impact "Waking up with the feeling of having just been emotionally broad-sided."

If I have an actual, written list of things that I am truly grateful for that are not just fluff, but recent things that are important, and look at that right away, or come here *right away* (or other places with similar resources where people give me positive support), this can make or break my day.

Sure enough, there are days where that dosen't work too, but get more often are the days that it does give at least some relief, no matter how small. Missing a train-wreck by fractions of an inch is drama. Getting hit by the train is TRAUMA.

I sometimes have to remind myself of that. I also know that saying those words to someone as a way of telling then, "get over it," in a round about sort of way is not helpful to them, so to be clear, I am telling you that it sometimes helps to say this to myself, privately, IF it seems to fit at that moment.

Yes, I definitely understand what you are saying from personal experience, Danielle, and I have learned that it is more often than not a normal responose to a world that way out of balance, not a "me that is horribly broken," or some such non-sense.

Maybe it is the same for you and you, A.) Already know that, or B.) May read these words and say, "Screw this self-blame non-sence. Anyone that had been through some of the stuff I've been through would sometimes get blind-sided by emotions and not know at first where the heck they are coming from."

That may fit for you and be helpful, (and I hope it is), but even if it doesn't quite fit where you're at, it may at least help someone else who reads this. In either case, coming here or other places where good people look out for one another and are trying to find answers to the problems that are so common for all people is ALEAYS a positi e ACTION that we alone choose to take, and that we alone should each give ourselves credit for.

We have earned the right to say, "at least I actually TRY to feel better, even if some days it doesn't work. Damn it, at least I AM TRYING, and that's a far cry better than just giving up, and then blaming everyone else for it.

An old saying I have heard from those that have traveled the same roads before us and really benifit from is, "It is better to have tried to do something and to have failed, than to have tried to do nothing and have succeeded."

To me that is true, and it sometimes keeps me moving forward, even if I feel like dead bag of meat, because it let's me tell myself that, if I'm going to feel like poo anyhow, I might as well, wash a few of my dirty dishes as one example.

It's like, "as crappy as I feel, it's not like washing a few plates and the silverware is going to make me feel any worse. Fine, their are two frying pans and three bowls too, but whatever, maybe I do them after the plates and all of the silver, maybe I get to that later."

{shrug} baby steps always lead to periods where lots of stuff comes together SEEMKNGLY with no effort, but it was the baby steps on the dark and gloomy days that actually put us in the position to reap rewards much later on.

You seem to like a person that is willing to look inside to find what gets in the way of you, and that's important, but also remember to keep looking at the parts of yourself that are really good traits to have too. There's actually more about you that is spot-on than parts that may need a little tweak or adjustment, and in life, that's all it turns out to be some times.

Baby steps followed by baby steps, and that's how we get to stand on top of mountains for brief periods of time. Don't EVER forget that YOU have made the good choices that have brought you this far, like the choice to reach out to a huge community of people and say, "I'm struggling, does anyone have any ideas that might help me?"

No one person has all the knowledge you need, but between a while bunch of people, you can find all the pieces that fit your puzzle and get a beautiful picture too. All we have to do is stay number enough to ASK for help when we need it, and humble enough to offer it when we can. That's it in a nutshell in my "sometimes" experience. lol

You're right trying goes a long way and that's what im doing trying to keep myself from going back to that dark place in my head. Baby steps are definitely important they get us where we're going either way, i might need to start learning new way to keep myself above water sincei feel like my head has gotten use to my other techniques and keeping myself busy is no longer working like before

Keep the, "keep busy," tool, just keep adding other stuff that also helps.

Too much reliance on "keep busy" can turn a person into a robot. There has to be times when we take time out to process thereally messy smelly garbage so were not stuck in a loop always moving away from it, but never getting away from the smell coming from it.

Eventually, like a cat, I find the work required to actually face the turd and bury it in the sand allows it to fertilize the roses that are much nicer to have around.

Blah blah. Sometimes we gotta face the fact that we gotta deal with a turd or two in life, because avoidance is a temporary fix. Sometimes it has to be used, and has to be good enough, "for a minute," but in the end, there must be a long-term plan for, "where are we going to put the turds that just keep on coming."

When any group, be it a family, a community or anything else, TEFUSES to address the very basic topics like, "as long as we're going to be here for awhile, there needs to be a designated area for turds," well, it won't be long before NOBODY feels very happy.

Turds are real, and there will be turds 'till the end. There are responsible ways to deal with them and make them useful to our environment, or they can be thrown at one another, which usually does not lead to happiness for anyone. lol

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Your head is not in control, your spirit is. We are body, spirit and soul(emotions, thoughts). You can try I will call it replacement of thoughts. Every time you think a negative thought, you consciously give an positive thought to counter it. Do not worry about the negative thought, we know they are occurring, but then we take our rightful authority and put in a positive thought. In time, with practice, accepting that the negative thoughts are there but knowing they will with practice decrease. Not letting them scare you, just having the positive thought you want to have. As always God’s blessings.

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Wow..I can read this over and over..nicely said..

Every morning I wake up so anxious and sick to my stomach. It never ends...

For the time being . . . It can and likely WILL get better though. I have been through some really dark stuff in my life, and suffered a great deal of abuse, yet sometimes I have long periods of reasonable periods of relitive contentment and overall joy.

I truly hope there is some sunshine in your life, and It's about to start RIGHT NOW. That's usually how it happens too. There's a break-through, and then calming contentment.

I used to wake up with bad anxiety until I adopted my dog. Now i wake up automatically looking for him so my anxiety doesn’t bother me in the morning anymore thank goodness 😅


I just roll over and ask God to take me home. Then I get out of bed and start my day. So far my prayers haven’t been answered yet.

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