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OCD Swallowing


I have severe OCD, my content is I focus on my swallowing and breathing, it drives me crazy, feel like ending it all, I had a breakdown 6 yrs ago , and went into a psych ward, my other issue is taking meds, scared to death, I will die, I finally got on meds, little by little. I’m on lexapro 45 mg and buspar 60 mg, my doctor wants me to try 2 mg abilify, some days I’m ok some I just want to end it all, please does anyone out there have these types of issues

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I don’t have severe OCD but I have PTSD and one of the ways my stress manifested was a hyper vigilance to what I ingested. This caused me to brush my teeth excessively or my tongue until it bled. And sometimes I still get panic attacks after I eat or think I get something in my mouth like face wash or something. Medication was extremely difficult for me as well. But I’ve been on it approximately 3 months and I’m glad I worked through my fear

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