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trouble working/doing household chores

Hi everyone-I'm new here, dealing with a lot at a time as most of us do

I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my day-to-day stuff done and organized. I know what I have to do, i even put them in lists. Day goes by and I can't get myself to do any of the things i need to. Having trouble with personal hygiene, just not motivated to do it. Menopause, anxiety, depression, anemia all make me want to sleep!! Right now it would not be possible for me to have a regular job, I can't concentrate on anything. Meds for everything, they can make me sleepy too!!!

But i need to do the minimum at home-HELP!!!!!

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Right now I’m tired too and can’t think much but I can offer a hug love and support. I can relate to a lot of what you said. For me it’s like ripping off a bandage just do it. I struggle to go to the gym mostly at 5 am but I go even if I just sit in the hot tub.

Crank up music you like and dance to it like no one is watchingJust to get moving and then do House chores slowly


wow, I can't even imagine what 5AM looks like!!! Good for you!!! The music idea is really a good one, i forget that a lot!!!!

Hugs and love right back at you......PEACE


Try minimzing the list and focusing on one thing at a time. Slowly push yourself to do more everyday, . I usually take everything one step at a time and finish one thing and be happy about it and then to the next if I feel like it . Sometimes soaking in a hot bath and relaxing usually helps me some to get motivated for the rest of my day. I hope you find what helps you and if you ever need to talk just message me :)


I’m right now feeling so exhausted I just want to go to bed but I took some coffee and volunteered to take my daughter to OT just to be out of the house. I’m doing one thing at a time and not thinking about anything else.

It’s 95 degrees out making the exhaustion worse but I have been accomplishing today

I donated blood today saw my therapist did a little paperwork

Maybe just keep a smile on your face all day no matter what, I find it helps with my energy it boosts me


Good for you! Keep fighting the battle!


That's great. Keep motivated stay positive:)


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