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I am new here needing some support.

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I am going through a really hard time. I was diagnosed bipolar in 2009. But now they are saying I just have depression and anxiety. I just started celexa and I am hoping this will help me. I have no family or friends here where I live. Just me and my husband. If anyone has had celexa prescribed I would love to hear positive things about it.


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I’m not on Celexa, but I was also diagnosed bipolar then they changed it to depression/anxiety and now they have switched it again to bipolar! So crazy! It really doesn’t matter to me what they call me! I’m just concerned with what I need to do to recover. I take Lithium (for 27 years now) and Cymbalta. I hope you have success with Celexa!

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I know , I’m not sure what I really am either, I just want to feel better at this point.

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