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I don't understand why humans have to be so touchy feely


my childhood traumas had demolished all ability for me to contain human contact without jolting in a full on anxiety attack, i thought by now everyone from mom side of the family knew about the zero touching rule by now but chose to ignore that fact yesterday, disturbing the little peace of mind i was hanging to its only 6pm and im on my 3 panic attack

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I'm so sorry "justcallanxiety". People don't realize the impact it has on you and I would think do it out of affection and caring about you. What do you use for comfort when in a panic attack? Any methods that may give you back some peace of mind? Wishing you peace of mind and body real soon. x

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They all know what i go through during my attacks if not they have heard about it all i ask is for them to remember not to touch me and put me through that. Running helps greatly, im not sure how but spending 30 minutes running without stopping keep me sane

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Exercise is one of the best ways in releasing the pent up anxiety and built up adrenaline. The double benefit is releasing your Endorphin levels giving you a natural high as well as calm. xx

Try meditation it's a great help, don't you have a session today? Don't miss it go you might feel better after

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I do meditate im having trouble with it still, saw this video on YouTube about calming the mind it's impossible for me to do

all i can say is, and u might not like it, but the way to get rid of anxieties is to go at it head on to overcome it. What i mean is, force urself to allow others to touch u. Like ur closest family members snd closest friends. The ones closest to u. Then move on to distant relatives and other friends. Go into settings with alot of people and start giving hugs and such. This is just my experience. Mine got to the point where i was even getting bad anxiety when my young son would touch me. I mean that bad. Hes a child. So now, I force myself to let him continue to touch me and I work thru it in my head. Its getting easier and plus I get to be closer to my so. If that makes sense. Of course everyone is different so what works for me might not work for u but give it s try and if after a few weeks u still find urself u comfortable and about to go in panic mode, message me and we can figure other things out for u to try.

Basically what I'm saying is, for example, if someone has a fear of spiders, get a spider and put it on u. If someone is afraid of the ocean, go into the ocean. Attack ur anxiety head on.

I hope this helps. Let me know how this works for u. Or other things u tried that helped.

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Mom dad and my sister can touch me, closest friends the most i can do right now is handshakes and maybe a quick hug i can't bare more than that. Im working towards that during my session but i still have a long way to go

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What does ur doctor say for u to do?

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May i ask what happened, the cause of it if you don't mind

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