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I hope I'm not losing my mind

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I was texting my son or he was texting me about his dating a couple girls on Cupid.

I know what ghosting is and other words, etc. Then he said this current girl is digging him.

I said, what is she digging? Then he said "likes." She likes me as in digging me. Ohhhhh.

He said another word last week and I didn't understand that either.

I don't want to panic that I'm getting dementia. My mother had it but not at my age. Maybe I need sleep.

Thanks for reading about my worries. 💕

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I have the same problem when the young use modern phrases that I do not understand, therefore you are not alone.

One thing that upsets me is having too clear of the American Dictionary. I keep moving it back to British and the computer changes it back to American spelling., annoying. My spelling is bad enough with my Short Term Memory disorder.


keep the 'slang dictionary' on hand and you'll get through it....but I have to laugh...this is how old I am .....'diggin' is a term from when I was a kid....back around the sixties and seventies....it meant you were really linking something....and it just goes to show you ...what goes around comes back around eventually....like fashion...you know your old when bell bottom pants came back in fashion, then out and then back in again....I'll worry when those baggy balloon pants with the crotch down to your knees comes back into fashion..Haaa!

Groovy response. 😊

haaa!.... yeah I an old hippie ... and still ticken.....

I learned the terms from Brady Bunch reruns. 😊

'Oh no you didn't!'.....haaa!....don't forget the Partridge Family....OMG!....I am soo old.... but that's okay....like a fine wine they say....it gets better with age....

And The Monkees..

I liked Peter....but was really a devout Beatles fan....

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dee_bells in reply to fauxartist

Yes. I wore the bell bottoms and I remember “digging” from back then and it didn’t click. 🙁

I was born in 1950, and in the UK we were still suffering rationing, I was brought up by people from the Victorian/Edwardian time period so I was brought up during a different time. My expectations seemed old hat and I would get wrong when I started school I was classified as posh, Surrogates way of talking was completely different.

Mind I have a good, strong Northumbrian accent now


You can always try the urban dictionary. I use it ALL the time.. heh.

The lingo this day and age has changed. Just like when we were growing up it was different for our parents. I just had to look up what DH meant on a site. It is Dear Husband. Good we have our kids to catch us up with the new phrases. Hugs! Don't worry it is not dementia.

I didn’t know DH meant dear husband. Lol. I guess I’ll have to keep the urban dictionary handy!

And thanks everyone!!

I remember going to school with a cap, blazer and short trousers. You all feel old, guess how I feel. I still really feel my Mother has had something against me since I was five years old. The short trews were really cold to wear from about October to about April Lol


We had to wear dresses to school with knee high socks. I remember my friend I were walking to school and we were practically skating on the sidewalks due to so much ice.

Our legs were turning blue so we went back home. We couldn’t wear pants to school until 7th or 8th grade.

When we did wrong at school they used to slap our legs, sometimes with a ruler. When we got home our legs were raw so we got hit for doing wrong, it was a no win situation I suppose. Long Wool socks to the new. The wool was from Scottish Sheep it was so rough.

Life was hard, although an adventure. I used to disappear for hours, away in nearby fields where we would play in an old burn


Childhood was a very negative time for me, i still wonder who brought me up. I can remember been with My Surrogate Family and i cannot remember going to bed with my lawful family. I suppose I did spend nights with my Parents although to be honest happier memories were having days out with my Surrogates.

I remember several periods with my Grandparents and going trout fishing with Him and my Uncle. I just keep relating to my Surrogates, utter confusion. They seemed to be my Parents.

When I was eight or nine I used to be taken down to the Public House, again Surrogate and tapping barrels, I was given a Pineapple Juice when I tapped up the barrel.


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