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At this time ... all I want is silence.... I want life to stop moving just for a little while, no opinions, advice, words , people telling me off, fast cars , questions,mean people, people trying to help , nothing!

I want everything to stop for a little while..... no more medication and loud nebulisers for my lungs, coughing, choking , trying to breathe... i want a break from my lung condition that I’ve suffered through since birth! .... one week is all I ask for.

I can’t get the world to stop for my mind to catch up ... so i guess pulling the blinds down, lights off, cosy gown, fluffy hot water-bottle, fruit juices , earphones in and Netflix crime documentaries ... will have to do 💔

I love this site so much.... I’m trying to reply to loads. But to be honest I feel selfish... the reason I’m replying is because it makes me feel helpful and useful....

take care everyone


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Have you ever read anything about mindfulness meditation or mindfulness stress reduction? It is supposed to help you find these moments of stillness that you are searching for. I am new to it and I will say that at times while I am practicing a meditation I will feel a deep sense of calm. The idea is to train your brain to carry over these practices in everyday life and live mindfully in the moment. Sometimes I think I'm on the right track but others such as now I think its all a bunch of crap. But I just keep telling myself to keep trying to put one foot in front other and sometimes I might fail to get that foot where it needs to be but as long as I keep trying the foot will end up where it should be

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Hello. Yes I do ‘meditate’ I like to call it praying... but unfortunately when i do feel really low I cannot seem to get into it at all 😞

mdowning81 in reply to Hope4321

I also do a daily devotional but agree when I am at my lowest it seems hardest to pray

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Yes it seems my mind waders off and I cannot concentrate unfortunately

fauxartist in reply to Hope4321

I think like you were saying....sometimes you just need to take a break from it, and unfortunately it sounds like your stuck with the respiratory issues, what a hassle, I can't imagine the struggle...I really feel for you on that one friend, I am so sorry you have to deal with that everyday. I can't do anything everyday but sleep sometimes.

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Aww thank you kind friend! X

We always have Hope, You are very useful. Thank you for reminding me how much I love to veg out with the cozies and a full run of a Netflix series. More importantly I need the reminder to pray or meditate and to be thankful for my blessings. When I was a kid I got the stuffing from a turkey at Thanksgiving confused with blessings...the extra special good stuff. I still consider stuffing a blessing . This is just my mind taking a leap. Pam

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Thank you for this sweet message x

There's nothing selfish about reciprocity...give and take...that's a good relationship. Sharing is healing, and getting responses is's a great group of people...and you can find like minded people who understand us when we feel most of the world can't or don't care.


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Hi, Liz. I really feel for you on respiratory illness. I have some problems, but not anything like what you experience. I can imagine, though.

My oldest son has horrible asthma sincr he was probably 3 yrs old. He is now 43 & luckily doesn't have attacks every other day. He livrs in a different environment now. His previous relationship, with the mother of his kids, was a nightmare. She kept at least 3 cats the whole 16 years, which he's allergic to & would play games with his asthma meds & hide them.😠

Her I certainly locked horns...LOTS! Anyway, he'd been intibated 9 times.

He's with someone else now & they don't have a cat!😆

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I understand. If I could, now or then, trade places with him I would. I've many times tried to breathe for him.

My dad had emphysema. A pulmonary doc revently told me I could have a touch of emphysema. So I imagine I could have similar issues down the road.😓

A week of total silence is a tall order, but what has given me respite, has helped immeasurably at times.

Run a hot bath (unless you have a hot tub) and add aromatberapy oils or burn a relaxing incense. Pick out a book, magazine, Daily meditation books or whatever helps and ready your drink of choice. Make sure you won't be disturbed; so you may need to have a babysitter. But allow yourself plenty of time to hopefully feel like you've been pampered! You can include grapes or other snacks. Add flowers, bath salts....make it a ritual AND an ongoing habit!

If your tub is uncomfortable or you don't have a good place to get away from it all, see if you can incorporate a neighbor's help or a relatives help and go to their house! Make it about the things you love in life. Get creative!

Take care, Liz!

Hope4321 in reply to Imakook

Thank you for this message 💕


Good wishes to you 💕

If you feel helpful and useful, that is a good thing. It is not selfish. I hope, however, that you don't feel obligated to be helpful and useful. In your personal life it is good to be able to say "no" to people who make demands of you that you cannot or do not want to meet.


You just take it easy and enjoy some peace and quiet ~ nothing wrong in that my friend 🌻x

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