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Just want to be left alome


In the middle of April, I noticed my anxiety getting worse along with my depression. I would be driving to work, and think how I could take off my seat belt and speed into a tree. My anxiety is out of control- to the point where I can’t leave the house. If I do I have a panic attack. I am in so much emotional and physical pain (fibromyalgia ), that I just want it to end.

So I can’t leave my house, I can’t get out of bed and personal hygiene is not a priority. I can pull myself together to fake it in front of my 14 year old. He is the only reason I am still here.

So my psychologist filled out FMLA paper. My disability Dept approve it. I was out of work for 6weeks. I tried to go back and only made it 2 half days. My therapist says I can only do part time right. I am in no condition for full time. Of course that requires more paperwork. I submitted that on Thursday.

I get an email from my company disability Dept telling me I am not using my FMLA correctly and there is going to be an investigation. I’m not getting paid for the time off and my doctors are aware how long I have been out.

I was starting to get better and this just turned my world upside down and I can’t stop worrying about. Can I be fired because of this? The disability Dept has been approving the days I take off. Does anyone have experience with this?

Sorry for how long this. Any help is greatly appreciated. My mind is racing with the worse scenarios.

Thank you,


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I am sorry your going through this much suffering....and as far as denying your claim....any mid size to larger company usually has an insurance department that will investigate any claims, and the first order is to deny the claim....it's just standard procedure, nothing personal to your case. If they pay out on a claim, their premiums go up...but if you’re in the UK or Europe elsewhere....I don't see why your work would have any say-so at all. Just make sure you have all your paperwork and doctors notes to submit. And stand your ground, as hard as it is....they hope you will walk away, it solves their problem and they don't care what happens to you....but you have a son to feed and house....so think of that, even though you may be down on yourself...don't let him pay the added price of what they decide for you.

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