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I just want this to end

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My anxiety is at the point where I am hyperventilating and I can't even drive. I can't at all go to Walmart or why other place because of this problem. I'm scared that its getting worse. I miss the days I never felt like this. I just want help but I can't even work anymore because of this and may end up ending homeless because I can't even get money in.

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Welcome new friend :)I might be able to help you regulate your breathing.

It was the "key" to my success with anxiety.

I'm glad you are here with us. This is an amazing support site :) xx

I will get back to you with some helpful sites

Thank you, thank you SO much. I've been trying to work on my breathing (making my exhale longer then my ingale) but I feel like it furthers my panic. I really appreciate you!!!!!!

Breathing properly, meaning we learn to breathe as we would when we weren'tin an anxiety state, will calm the mind and body.

It takes practice but it can be done.

I just got back from dinner so I will get some YouTube videos that you may

be able to start on.

Welcome, NihlusE there are lots of experienced dragon fighters like Agora1 on here. We’re not pros, but we do know some stuff.

It sounds like your condition is not new, but that it is worse lately, and the what-ifs are really running free. What are you already doing, or have tried, to stabilize and recover?

I've been told to slow my breathing. I cannot do medicine because of the aide affects they each have. It leads to panic attacks. I try to go for walks but now my anxiety makes me feel dizzy when I try , almost like I have vertigo.

Hi Nihlus, before we give you different ways to slow down the breathing, it is alwaysa good idea to know the mechanics in what you are dealing with.

If you will take just a few minutes and watch this video on YouTube it will be a start

in the right direction.

"Anxiety& Hyperventilation Explained" by Improvement Path


Something that has helped me is downloading the app called Stop Breathe & Think. It may be under a different name now but it's a form of cognitive behavioral therapy. It can help with focusing on the present, not judging yourself harshly for your emotions, and breathing. It can also help you identify feelings more because it has a pretty in depth list of different emotions.

If you need anything, all of us are here for you! I'm hoping the best for you. :)

Sorry, I've been searching for breathing meditations but then get caught up in themmyself. lol I am sooo relaxed right now I hope this helps you some.

Remember this is a learning process that must be done everyday, 3x a day in order to

get full benefit.

The following are all on YouTube:

"Reducing Stress thru Deep Breathing" John Hopkins

"Mindfulness Meditation Guided Breathing 10min" the Honest Guys

"3 min Guided Breathing Meditation" Mindful Peace

"Change Your Breathing/Change Your Life" Lucas Rockwood

Breathing, walking; I also journal alot and it seems to help. I just write everything down I'm feeling-usually rambling and seemingly crazy thoughts

I am so sorry you are struggling. I have experienced that debilitating anxiety. Do you have a counselor you can meet with? Positive self-talk and encouraging myself was what helped me.

I do recommend you reach out for some professional help. Here is a link you might find helpful. bit.ly/3yARDiU

Also these techniques I found works for me.

1) The 557 breathing technique is take 5 deep breaths in while thinking good thoughts about yourself like I am at peace, I am able, I am strong and then hold the breaths for the count of 7 focusing on those words about yourself, then let out the breath slowly for 5 seconds letting go of any anxious, self-defeating, unhealthy thoughts. I do this one to three times a sitting.

2)The gratitude journal is writing down something good every morning and night something that went well in the day, or something I appreciate about myself. Taking our focus off of the anxiety and depression and focusing on positive uplifting things really helps. What you think is what you believe. So thinking uplifting things you believe those things but the reverse is true - thinking negative self-defeating things, you will believe those.

3) Emotional Freedom Tapping - bit.ly/3AVYNiX You use pressure points to tap on those points while you repeat positive uplifting things to yourself.)

I will be praying for you. Feel free to pm me if you'd like to chat. Hugs and God Bless

Along with breathing, your body posture--how you hold yourself, can signal to your emotional brain that things right now don't call for a tiger-in-the-living-room level reaction.

Another helpful resource, especially for people who must take, or choose to take, the med-free route is Claire Weekes' "Hope and Help for Your Nerves." This Australian MD had a lot figured out in the 60s and 70s, back when med options were much more limited. She has a body posture and visualization exercise she calls "floating" that some people laugh at, but I've found helpful, especially when going someplace is difficult but necessary. I've floated in and out of stores and through more than one airport.

None of these self-care practices are immediate, sad to say. You have to keep at them, both long enough daily, and then every day. Sometimes I have to breathe, and redirect my thoughts to something neutral or positive, for 15 minutes or so, while my system stops making adrenaline and it all has a chance to metabolize. Learning a little bit about the physiology of this can help you.

I just wanted to say, I was just like you are now.... But over time, I would say I gmam 95% better. The people on this forum helped me more than any doctor or drug.You will get there, it might not feel like it today, but all these scary feelings will ebb away. Stay on here and just talk.!

Best wishes

How are things going? I have been praying for you. Hugs

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