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Paranoia ??? Help me


Anyone else get randomly paranoia that their going crazy and have like schizophrenia or something. This happens to me all the time and then I convince myself I’m gonna start hearing voices. I was told by a therapist one time that people who are going crazy don’t know it and that’s always stuck with me but I seriously think I’m losing my mind. Help ??

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People don't know it as far as I know.

Don’t worry I’ve felt this way before, anxiety can make u feel that way you just have to keep saying to yourself “why would I be going crazy right now? I’m not” keep thinking “what would make me crazy? Nothing I’m fine” trust me I feel this way ALL the time my dm are open if u ever want to talk I hope your doing okay

I am sorry you are struggling with paranoid feelings. I think what your therapist said was not helpful. Are you still seeing that therapist? I would recommend you find one that is seeking to find ways to help you deal with your paranoia. Our mind can be our worst enemy. Most mental illness can be a combination of chemical imbalances along with our mind being off with our thoughts. This book Battlefield of the Mind has been helpful in my recovery.

Here is an article that I think my be helpful as you deal with anxiety and paranoia.

Also, this website has some articles that can help with getting out of our own mind and feeling better.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Know you are not alone. Everyone here on this forum understands your struggles and want to be here to love and support you. Blessing and Hugs!!!

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