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Why did anxiety pick me

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Ok I deal with anxiety on a day to day basis I think I have always been this way as a child I also deal with depression as well my doctor has put me on meds and also has advise to to talk to a someone that can help me when I try and explain the way anxiety happens its unexplainable I get weak sick shortness of breath and I really can't say what is bringing it on all I can say it just happens

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I know what you are talking about .

Everyone has anxiety, it’s a natural response of body to fight or flight on a unknown /difficult scenarios.

However, some have anxiety level which is triggered only at peak and very difficult situations and others it’s triggers at very normal scenarios.

Keep faith and belief that you can overcome.

You need to take med if prescribed by Doc, try to get engaged in some sports/ activity to keep you motivated.

Once the chemicals are under control , anxiety will start easing out .

All the best

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Thank u so much i have a car so when i get in it to drive it just happens i thank u so much for the reply i bought a treadmill to try and walk it

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Start walking on it without any delay .. try hitting 5000 steps a day to 10000 steps a day depending upon your lifestyle.. try to make it a daily goal target

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I am going to go for it thx u

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Well said bravo

Reject the critics and rejectors

Don’t listen to them listen to this advice. Bravo

Anxiety is a difficult thing to deal with. I deal with it personally, but not on a daily basis. When I feel an anxiety attack coming, I always like to go outside and get fresh air, as well as calling or talking to the person I love the most. I think it is important to always have someone you can talk to when you are feeling anxious or depressed. I hope everything gets better for you!

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Thank You it helps when I also call and talk to someone that I'm close to its really weird because it makes me feel better

Anxiety is the mental health diagnosis made the most in the USA. However we are all diagnosed based on our level of functioning.

For myself, I've had intense level of anxiety which has impacted my functioning with panic attacks, social anxiety and worrying about everything. My self esteem level has been impacted a lot. I remember being quite the shy child hiding behind my mom all the time around anybody inc. my cousins, aunt's & uncle"s. As a kid I was so shy in school I couldn't make FRIENDS's. As I pursued college my shyness slowly dissapated and I felt more confident. I made new friends.

As an adult, I continue to fight social anxiety and panic attacks. I work with a Therapist 2x weekly and a Nurse Practitioner every 2 months for anxiety and depression medication reviews. I am on disability due to an invisible syndrome/disability. I'm an introvert which is not anxiety based it's more of the way my personality has developed as others are extrovert's or middle of the road.

For all of my fellow anxiety sufferer friends here you have my blessings and prayers that you take care of yourself with self care...ie meditation, reading and whatever hobbies etc.

make you feel good.

Stay cool! ⭐

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