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My feelings and thoughts


Has everyone ever felt that they have been suffering so long from overwhelming that they are the only one that stops themselves? Obviously some circumstances make us feel anxious and we cannot control them. However, we can control how we react. I received this advice about a month ago but its so hard to actually put it in to work. I am tired of caring about what people think, wanting to be perfect, and letting my fears control me. Anyone else?

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Absolutely. Yet, I don’t know how to begin to conquer it all. One moment I think I do, but then something small just makes me feel defeated and too drained to try.

This describes me perfectly. It sucks but it feels better knowing I’m not the only one, hopefully one day you and me both will look past the small things!


Write down all those things you mentioned and make arguments against them. ie: caring about what others think. Is people’s opinion of me really valid to my self worth? Why trust people’s opinions of myself? They hardly know the whole me. You need to counter false beliefs and negative self talk.

oceanwalk in reply to Hidden

Wow that’s good advice. I’ll try that

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