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My story


It's hard to explain how I feel

Because everyone has their own reason, why they feel this way to certain things.

So here I am, telling my story ;

Depression started with.. maybe it's cliche but the girls, groups and stuff. I had this group of good friends. And there was other girl who transferred to my class, and she had no close friend in this new class, so I started to invite her to hang out with my friends, and she became good friend with my friends as well.

Then, u see, there's always group chat for best friends. One day they started sending those pictures, selfies, they hang out without me. I wasn't informed about that... and I was hurt. I didn't ask anything because it was mahbe u might think it's exaggerating but it rly did hurt me, seeing them having fun without me , including the girl I invited at the first place.

Continued in next post ...

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