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Feeling blah

Today so far isn't a good or a bad day. I just feel..blah. No emotion really . I don't feel happy or depressed or anxious . Just feel like I'm existing .. No drive to do anything what so ever.Exhausted of the same routine everyday , and I'm just wondering is it worth it ? To live . I love my son more than anything so I have to function for him, if it was just me to take care of Id probably just be in bed 24/7. I don't understand how some people can spend a day getting done tons of things and being super productive . While me just taking a shower and brushing my hair is exhausting enough . Just a rant ...

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Rant away! I am very familiar with that blah feeling. Its better than being deep in the black hole! No motivation? You took a shower! Good thing. Did you make the bed very begrudgingly? You did it tho. You haven't? Go do it and either way, pat yourself on the back. I'm glad you have your son to keep you in motion, even if it's slow motion. Those people that accomplish a lot in one day don't have the weight of depression on their shoulders. We hate them anyway! Haha. You're doing the best you can do at the moment. Things will not always be this way. Go easy on yourself.


Thank you so much for these kind words ! It means so much and yes I did make the bed haha. I usually don't consider That a chore since I'm so used to doing it . 😊


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