i feel like an effing zombie, sleep is more appealing than the real world. i just have no joy for the little things anymore, im constantly fatigued from my anxiety and i hate to say it but i have no hope for getting better. i feel stuck, cursed to be this way forever. i find a little bit of peace and then it gets completely smashed by my anxiety and panic attacks, god im so sick of it all.

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I taught reading for 22 years. I had to retire early 6 years ago. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. I've had panic attacks for the last 2 years, but remained undiagnosed until earlier this month when I left the doctor, tried to do a little shopping for food, and bang, another panic attack. My doctor has not prescribed anything. I take effexor 150 mgs, but the attacks and fear of another one keep me home 24/7. Just the thought of getting in the shower because I have to go somewhere triggers an attack. I put on makeup and sweat it all off before leaving the house. I think about suicide all the time. I want my old life back. I was thin, active, an amazing reading teacher. I had so much confidence then. I am a freak of nature now. I've put on 50 pounds in the last 2 years due to staying in and watching tv all day every day. We order pizza or wings all the time because I can't go grocery shopping! I need so much more help than my doctor, who is a resident, has given me. She has me going to the behavioral clinic every other week, but it doesn't help.

    How do I get a doctor to prescribe ativan?? I had to get medically detoxed from xanax 2 years ago, so no one will prescribe a benzo. I was fine when on xanax. I'd kill for some help.

  • Hi tiredbbygirl, I know just how you feel! No matter what you do it is boring, you just want to stay in bed until it is all over, when things are actually better and you feel better. It is rubbish feeling like this, it is like a bad dream...if you can sleep. I sleep 1 night and I am awake the next! Boring! Nevermind, bed it is then! Hugs Gail x

  • I hear ya sista. When I sleep it’s like escaping this cold cruel world. When I’m awake gotta deal with all kinds of things, anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc.

  • Yeah, anxiety keeps me in most of the time. I am going to go walking, it may help.

  • i went out with my mom thinking that it would help bc i woke up feeling great but i got hit with a short wave of panic in the grocery store, i would go for a walk but its so cold

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