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Feeling hopeless

I am feeling completely hopeless at this point in my life. I'm unable to do much of anything because I'm consumed by anxiety and depression. I spend my days struggling to just get through the day. I want to be happy and live a complete and fulfilling life but am incapable of it right now for no apparent reason. There is no one single cause of my mood but it's clear that this is debilitating and causing me great grief. I hate how I feel and don't know how I can go on from here. I long for a solution but there seems to be none in sight. I guess at this point I'm looking for some feedback and suggestions and to hear from others who relate to my story since I don't have that in my day to day life. I'm close with my family but they don't live close by and they don't know the answers for me either. We are all trying to find help for me but for now I'm really suffering from this mental illness. I hope to hear from some of you soon. Thank you. JP

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Hi JP,

When you become that depressed it is often difficult to tease out what exactly "caused" the depression. So, there isn't a simple solution to what troubles you. Finding a therapist will help you to talk through the many things that are on your mind. I've found that over time our ability to cope with small things can build up to a point where handling big things seems impossible.

Depression and anxiety are debilitating and can make life appear cloudy. Sometimes medications, talking therapy and other modalities can assist in feeling better. Talk to a doctor to work out a plan that will address your individual concerns. You are not your depression and anxiety. You can work through this! Best wishes


Thank you


You're Welcome.

I know how incredibly difficult it is to think that things will get better but it usually does. Depression is a powerful force sometimes. When my depression clears, I see that my situation is exactly the same but my perception and ability to cope is more manageable.

I wish that for you!


I have been where you are now. I can honestly say that it does get better, but it will take time and there will be some ups and downs.

I found speaking to a psychologist helped me. I didn't have much success with using the psychiatry help with was offered from my local NHS authority, so I had to pay for the psychologist sessions. Best money I spent. I also did a CBT program went to a Stress Control class and have done various other things as well.

The keys for me have been changing my diet so that I have reduced the amount of refined sugar and processed foods I eat. I still have the occasional dessert or pizza.

I also started walking more, set up a sleep routine too. I also have set goals and have a vision board which I view on a daily basis.

Now I have a daily routine which includes meditation, goals and various other techniques depending on how I am feeling.

The biggest thing I learnt from my psychologist was adjusting my though process and also learning to given myself a break and not judge myself on the unrealistic scale that I was using.

All the best and I hope some of this helps you.

Take care.


Thanks for sharing! Great advice!

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Thank you


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