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Arts And Crafts For Stress Relief, Anxiety & Depression-Very Therapeutic-My Artwork and Jewelry I Make When Feeling Down


Hello Peeps! Arts and Crafts and Jewelry-making is something I do that helps me cope with trauma and PTSD, Anxiety and Depression! Who knew that all those dark thoughts in your head can turn into something beautiful? Well, it can! It's all about TRANSFORMATION. I get most of the stuff from Michael's craft store-pricey I know-but always check online and sign up for their rewards program, because they have A TON of great coupons! Making these pieces really lifts my spirits! What do you like to do to take your mind off your worries? I'd LOVE to know! Please Respond and share! Can't wait to hear from you!

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Yes, doing the work one is passionate about surely reduces depression. But it be a permanent solution? I mean you need to root out the thing.

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Roy1978 you are right it; is not a permanent solution, just a way to deal. What do you like to do for distraction/over-worrying, anxiety, etc?


Diviny, they are beautiful!!

I’m not very artistic and have zero patience 😞

I enjoy a country walk and beauty of nature that can help me, once I get the motivation...also a good movie or series..

Also a good distraction for me, when I can, is to help others who are struggling on here.

Best wishes to you , thank you for sharing the lovely photos of your beautiful work...



Olivia40, Thank you so much! You have a kind heart! Keep it up! ; )

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