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Cannot sleep

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I work at night until 1AM. Ever since my wife moved out of the house, I feel so depressed and lonely that I am unable to sleep. I do feel tired but when I tried to go to sleep, i get anxious and heart start pounding. I can hear the buzzing sound in my ear because of the high blood pressure...... I cannot sleep. I want to talk to someone. I miss having another person in the bed. It is so weird that when you are alone, you never noticed that your bed is big! and empty.......... I feel lost and lonely

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I understand that feeling....I had to get help in learning to let go and deal with the grief of loss....I did some group work and that was very helpful. Sometimes we can get stuck and not know how to move forward.....

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How did you learn to move forward?

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okay....this may sound weird at first, but trust me on this one. Animals like a dog or cat give you unconditional depends what your preference is. Mine are cats, less maintenance and they are more independent. That will give you something to hold and love and believe works. The other thing of course were groups for grief and loss, and then learning to let go. One on one therapy helped me the my own stuff...but it's a process and there is no quick or easy fix....but you have to take care of you...find you again....and don't blame or shame , none of that on what you can do to move your own steps...but it will get better...

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