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Constant feel of anxiety.help

Hello everyone! I'm Marija, 24, and i feel anxious all the time. Even if there is no real reason to be anxious. I discovered i have tachycardia (my heart beats like crazy) and i whenever i feel REALLY anxious i have chest pains, and feel like i can't breathe normally. I also get scared very easy with unexpected moves or noises. It really makes it hard to function normally, study, or even go to classes, speak to strangers etc. I feel like it gets worse every day. (P.S. i was in a very toxic, abusive relationship 3 years ago, and now that my life is back to normal, i have a wonderful boyfriend who i love, the anxiety kicks in.) Does anyone have any words of advice? Thanks

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Good afternoon Marinia93

I also have constant anxiety with the same symptoms your having. What helps me is the deep breathing through your nose to the count of 5 and hold that breath for 2 seconds then exhale to a count of 7.

My heart rate was always at about 100-105 so my Dr put me on a Blood pressure med called atenolol it’s a Beta Blocker. I don’t have high blood pressure but this med brings your heart rate down and it also stops the adrenaline your having. The adrenaline will cause the fast heart rate , palpitations , and that jumpy felling that you said your getting, you should talk to your Dr about this med it will help.

Also tell yourself it’s anxiety and it won’t harm you, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling I know but again if you try the deep breathing for 5 min you’ll feel a calming sensation. Just so you know people that have stage fright take atenolol, look it up online I’m sure you’ll find people with anxiety take this for the symptoms you have. Most general practitioners may look at you funny when you ask about it , my physiatrist gave it to me.


Hello! it's kind of relieving to hear that i'm not the only one.. i will definitely talk to a doctor about atenolol and look it up more. i will also try the breathing. thank you so much!!

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Your welcome take care


Hi Marija - sounds like some real confidence issues - have you thought of self-defence classes?

You may stop getting anxious about sudden movements and the workout is great for getting in-tune and in-sync with your body.


Hi! i have never thought about that..but i am interested! i do have confidence issues, mostly because of that awful relationship. thank you so much for your suggestion!


Great! I would recommend the typical self defense class as you leave with valuable tips right away. You could then move to boxing, kick-boxing or even MMA. The other martial arts require a high degree of discipline but when you up to it - give it a try.

Good luck and take care!


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