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Hello New here! Just wanted to say hi and give an intro.

Hi going through a lot right now. Dealing with chronic pain every day and fatigue. I have had some traumas in my life and now facing pretty bad anxiety and some depression because of it and my pain and other things happening in my life. Like divorce because of it. My kids are grown and now it’s just me all alone at home all the time. Looking for others to connect with that have or don’t have anyone to talk too. I stay home a lot because of the pain but I do love some fun once in awhile. Thanks for reading.....

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Thank you for sharing! I'm sorry to hear about the bad things that have taken place in your life...

But welcome! I'm pretty new myself but people here are very understanding, supportive, and friendly as heck.

I hope you feel at home and welcome here. We're here to help in anyway we can. :)

Stay strong ❤️

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Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to reply. :)

Hello Cpgirl2u! I’m so sorry you’re going thru this :-( When my divorce is final, I too will be all alone.. but sharing my home with my soon to be ex is no picnic either. Sending Love & Hugs ❤️🤗to you & praying that we both will find joy in life again some day.

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I know I am living that too right now ...... ❤️❤️

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God! Give us the strength we need to get thru this!!🙏🏻❤️

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Hello DC

Hi Hidden

Welcome aboard it's great here and the support you receive is brilliant..

I'm Nat so pleased to meet you


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Thanks Nat nice to meet you too thanks for reading and commenting. :)

Welcome. I’m relatively new too but have found peace from answered questions. It helps to know that you’re not alone in your thoughts.

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Yes I know I have never felt so alone in my life....

Hi and welcome 😊

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Thank you and hello! Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for reading and saying hello.

Hi Cpgirl2u and Welcome. I live with Fibro pain which makes everyday a challenge. However, talking with others who care and understand both emotional and physical pain seems to help lower our threshold. You have a lot going on right now and I hope you will continue to find comfort from this incredible group of men and women.

One day at a day is all we may be able to handle but knowing we are going forward with strength and belief in ourselves will make it all worth while. Sending you gentle hugs xx

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Thank you I also have fibromyalgia and to be going through physical pain then severe emotional pain and hurt on top of it has put me in a state of panic, fear, and anxiety. I have been in the fight of my life the last few years but this is the worst. Just trying to make it one day at a time.

Right there with you, friend! Tough times! Sorry to hear about your divorce. It sucks when things don't work out or people aren't who you thought they would be. Hang tight. Know you aren't alone! My body is really p'd at me right now because when I get like this I tend to stress-binge eat.....I went from a 12 to a 22 in 11 months....

I'm sorry you're going thru your situation. You are not alone. My traumas and mental illness struggles have taken a toll on my marriage, separated with divorce likely even though its the last thing I want as I went be able to see my young sons every day, they're what's keeping me going right now. What helps me is breathingvexerciees, relaxation, try to do the right thing for the situation, and accept reality for what it is

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