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Hi, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself.

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so this is my first time doing this, I really just don't bother socializing much, I guess I'm at a point where I want to find out how others deal with there conditions. So with that said, to all of you my name is vin but most people call me vinman, I'm easy going and just hope to get some help coming here. I guess that's it for now.

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Hi Vin, how are you man? Anything troubling your mind? Welcome to the site, mate.

Hi and ty, I got a lot on my mind.

Mainly I was switched meds today to Prozac, so just knowing the side effects I may get in the first few weeks gets my mind more worked up then it needs to be. More or less is it gonna work or is it just going to do not enough.

I am sorry I don't know the answer to your question as I am not medically trained but I suppose you can also ask your pharmacist/ physician who prescribed you with it :). Hopefully nothing bad, mate. Best of luck and full recovery for you.

Appreciate it.ty

Day 2 on new meds. No sleep last night 2 hours at most

Hi vinman, I just happen to see your post tonight. Since this was posted a month ago, just wondering how you are doing on Prozac. It still may be too early to see any true results. Most SSRIs take 4-6 weeks or longer if dose is upped.

You sound like you are in a lot of daily pain, it's hard not to be anxious since pain triggers fear. Hope you are doing better each day.

Hi Agora1, I took my 30th pill today, I picked up my refill today it's the same dose but I see my Dr next week, it's really not helping so maybe he will up the dose, although with the constant pain and lack of sleep my mind seems to over power the meds, it's very hard to stay positive a whole day when one simple thing I try to do ends up as a no go could be just not being able to lift a gallon of milk to put back in the refrigerator then the anger kicks in then the depression, most of the time I will just go back to laying down most of the day toddie and turning tring to find comfort.

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Vinman, sorry to hear you haven't really gotten the results you'd like but 4 weeks is not really enough time. Good Luck with your doctor's appointment next week and what he decides to do. I'm sorry you are suffering so.

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Ty, I pray the weeks ahead will start to help.

Hiya vin, ty for the belated b-day message !

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Your very welcome😁

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I know my response is very late. I just saw your post. I don't know how I missed it.

Welcome to the best community on the planet :) It is very supportive. We are here for you!

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It's ok and ty.

Hi...Im Deb...trying my best to find my way

Well, I know your pain. I was on Prozac and thought the same thing you did, "when is it gonna start working"? As I've been a "lab rat" and was on just about all antidepressants I can tell you that it takes time. You never really feel it like you would a sleeping pill or pain pill, it's a gradual change in the chemistry of our brain. You should start to feel a bit more peace of mind the longer you take it, you may have to increase your dosage?! I'm not a Dr, I'm a non working Nurse, so I can't tell you the medical side. (Even though I 100% know it) I encourage you to seek a friend or a therapist. No pills magic and it should b e used as a tool to get you to a better mental place. Therapy along with a med is awesome.

I'm not gonna preach to you but consider it. Like I tell my therapist, "why is there such a stigma attached to seeing a therapist? Why does our country frown upon that and some think you are crazy if see one?" I believe your crazy not to see one if you're in need. And yes, some therapists suck. Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself and fire a therapist or 10! Ha ha ha. It took me about 6 tries to find the one I have had for 6-7 years, she comes to my home as I'm not comfortable leaving the house and going to a treatment center. YES! LOTS OF THERAPISTS DO COME TO YOU! I LOVE THIS! Jacquie, my therapist, knows my Mom, my kids and really gets me.

I'm sending good vibes your way. Let me know how you're doing. WELCOME!


Hi vin, nice to meet you. We're all here to lend an ear.

What kind of pain are u in? I'm sorry i didn't get all the facts. Cause i have fibromyalgia.

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