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Anxious & Sad

This is my first post. I've been reading everyone's posts & this seems like a supportive environment, so here goes...

I am finding myself anxious & sad nearly every day. I am in the process of packing up & moving home, as I lost my job a few months back. And, because of that, will be moving in with family across the country. It has been a roller coaster, to say the least.

But, every morning, I'm finding myself in a panic...on packing/perging & just can't get my stuff together. Normally, in these situations I find the stength to power through & get it done. But, I feel stuck in this ever present state of sadness.

Thoughts/advice on how to break the cycle? I have three weeks before I head out & am in need to push/power through until the end.

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Sorry that happened- your feelings of loss are very understandable. You do have a family to go to- and I hope they are supportive.


Find your burst of energy ans run with it. Sometimes you have to push yourself and it isn't easy. I go thru that part daily and I'm trying to find ways to channel my mind. Sounds crazy but it can help...


I hope u find strength, i am in a similar situation. I just cant even handle it and just lie on the floor


Sorry about your job....its great that u have family u can fall back on, that is a blessing! I hope they are supportive as well. As far as energy u gave urself the answer already, u gotta push thru. It may seem hard but we have all been there, or currently doing thru it. It's all a process,but u will come out the other side! May have a few scratches but u are gonna get thru it!


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