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Does it ever get better?


Been experiencing anxiety/depression for over a decade now. It has its ebbs and flows, but up until about three years ago I’d say that I felt like I mostly had things under control. Lately it seems like I’ll have a good couple months here or there before feeling like an utter mess again.

I go to therapy regularly, take meds, try to seek out healthy support. And yet I can’t seem to shake this feeling of general unease. I feel so abnormal, like everyone else is going through life able to do these awesome things and I can’t do the smallest tasks someday without panic overwhelming me.

I’m a high achiever that generally looks good on paper, so I don’t really understand why I feel t the way I do; sometimes, I look at my life and think that I have no reason to be depressed and anxious because there are many other people who would love to be in my shoes. But the feelings are still there, kind of ever present in a sense.

Does it ever get better? I’ve gone through periods where I’ve almost felt “cured” but I always seem to end up sinking back into depression, every single time.

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It has for me to some extent. I am content.

Maybe try identifying the pattern that causes the sudden relapse to feeling the way you do. I personally have my panic attacks when certain things occur, so maybe there’s a pattern in your life that makes you sink into that feeling.

I know how you feel. In 2017, I started working on myself. I started losing weight and I became really positive and happy with life. I was actively working on my anxiety and depression. Then two months ago my dog died and hen my mom had a heart attack three weeks later. Those two big life events triggered me to not cope well and I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety and also depression. Now I am going back to the basics of meditating, and journaling. It’s helping a lot for me. I guess anxiety and depression are never cured but we have to actively keep working at it and even when we work on them we will have good and bad days. Right now, I am going through a tougher time with what’s going on in my life so I am being extra gently with myself and giving myself room to feel my feelings and being okay with not being okay. Give yourself a break and know it’s not always going to be perfect even when we are active about our treatments.


Yes,your right it is something that has to be constantly worked on,,good on you for spotting that and giving yourself space to feel,I used to do gentle yoga and it relaxed me so much.

For me I wouldn’t say better, diagnosed just recently with ADHD but remember vividly even at 4-5 years old having coping mechanisms. So for me it’s been lifelong and I’m 48. But I have learned what triggers the depression, anxiety is daily, and for me the recognition has definitely made me feel more in control.

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