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Does anyone suffer from insomina?

Is it related with the fact i get panic attacks and gerd im in bed since 11:35pm and still awake and its 2:40am.. advice and help be great thanks 😊😊

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Chronic insomniac here and I have tried so many things from over the counter melatonin go many prescribed meds. One worked for a few weeks, but the side affects made me jumpy and paranoid even more than usual.

So I’ve started trying more natural ways to help sleep. I googled a bunch of all natural ways to help with anxiety, focus, energy levels for during the day as well as things to help me sleep.

I found things like valerian root, Passion flower, kava kava, liquid melatonin, CBD oil, etc.

all of which can be found on amazon. Some days they help, some days I’m not sure, but it’s still something fairly new I’m trying.

To me it’s better than the pills doctors give out.


Cbd oil does that actually work? Cause ive tried home remedies like camoille tea etc and thanks


Or you could wear a sleep mask and not have to cover up everything.

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yeah it is weird at first but you get used to it. I used to put blankets over my windows and such but it was depressing during the day so I switched to a mask.


Okay, if I had that then I wouldn't need a mask either. It sounds like you have what are used at hotels which are awesome. I just have blinds but the light still comes through.

I have a fan for white noise and I try to keep it cold in my room. Even with that I have a hard time sleeping.


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