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To feel, think, do and believe things and then you start seperating from the poison, start trying to live differently and better (still being yoused as a person). It is veryyy depressing once you start experiencing withdrawal from the old. I see now how I am used to pain and used to all my other lifelong habits or problems. It's a strong desire for the old. This will take time, but I have to get somewhere. .

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many don't like change even if it is for a better way to do things in life because we don't like the 'unknown'. Even if we have a behavior pattern that isn't constructive or even very emotionally healthy for us...'it's better the devil you know than the one you don't know'...so we revert back to old behavior. It takes a lot of courage and will power to follow through with big changes in our lives...and it's uncomfortable, and a lot of fear could be a factor....sometimes baby steps are better....you get to where you want to go eventually...


I second your response fauxartist xx


I know what you mean. It does take time and habits die hard they say. I was looking over old poetry and writings, old photos etc and I am still doing much of the same things, struggling with emotional pain and waiting for it to end by trying to better myself in various ways through practicing positivity, exercising more, getting out into nature and helping others more. Staying away from things and people that are harmful. We are strong and will endure. We will get somewhere I believe. Somewhere beautiful and comforting. I think if not much of it in this life, then in the next. Best to you, Eaglelee.


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