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Tips for beating stress. part 5


41 Laugh and play more every day.

42 Take regular fun exercise.

43 Cut back or give up smoking.

44 Communicate stress by sharing it with a friend or associate whom you trust.

45 In crisis meetings handle the emotions first, think about the content later.

46 Take a nice person break. When under pressure find someone who lifts your spirits to spend time with.

47 Keep things in perspective, how serious is the situation really.

48 Move on when you,ve done your best. Dont dwell and linger on something when there is nothing more you can do.

49 Practise being a good listener.

50 Finally, praise and encourage others when they,ve done well.

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Good tips Gerrerd. If we could do all this though we wouldn't be suffering from depression or anxiety. I think most of us are aware of healthy ways to live but the problem is finding the motivation to do them. Now if you could post how to find motivation...... x

Hidden in reply to hypercat54

Yes motivation. So easy to say but when you get to the actual doing part. Sigh it goes down the drain. I don't got any either.

gerrerd in reply to Hidden

When i was in deep depression no motivation i sat for hours and hours, day after day listening to wayne dyer, Tony Robins and many more, until things started to change and i started to come round. Very dark times.

gerrerd in reply to hypercat54

Some young people may be reading these for the first time, it may help them find away,

gerrerd in reply to hypercat54

Watch wayne dyer progs on you tube, Tony Robins progs are very good for motivation. Nightingale conant progs hundreds of them are good for motivation. Quotes are good for motivation. People on here who are trying to help themselves are good for motivation I could go on. Seek and you will find. It does not come to us we have to put the effort in. Hope this helps people.

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