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Feeling Trapped


As a parent of two boys with a third on the way, my previously stable depression doesn’t seem stable at all. My wife is so sick from pregnancy that she cannot do anything around the house. I work two jobs to keep things afloat since she only works a few days of the week. Haven’t connected with friends in months, cannot seem to get away to relieve stress. I do see a psychiatrist and a therapist, but have had to cancel the last two times because my wife got sick and I needed to tend to the kids.

So here I am hoping someone else feels like me.

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I have felt what you are feeling, but I’m not right now. The first thing that I think would help is that you get a mindset that you have to take care of yourself. This may sound hard, but to help your family you have to put on your life jacket first.

The other thing that may help is for you to try to look at your needs as a series of small steps, rather than one big picture. Our lives can feel overwhelming if we have too much going on. Do one thing at a time and recognize yourself for your accomplishments. Some things may just not get done, and that’s okay.

Thanks I’ll definitely give it a try

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