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Hi guys,

I am trying to help my ex-boyfriend get over anxiety and depression (still don't know if I'm the person who should be doing this) but he feels suicidal and hopeless and called me for help. I don't know what to do and I am almost shaking from this new responsibility. How do I help him? He's diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is abusing alcohol and drugs. Are there any free counselling services or programs in the United States?

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Ask him if he has a plan. If he has a plan than bring him to the hospital. If he does not feel safe bring him to the hospital. You can’t fix this, you need to guide him to safety at this point

I know how much you may love and care for him but at times like this, it is a crisis issue which needs to be addressed by a professional. Please call someone for help or try getting him in the ER. Bipolar Disorder can be taken care of with medication but the abuse of alcohol and drugs is going to take some serious professional help.

I wish you well. It would be more than difficult for any of us to take on this responsibility. xx

My first post here but here goes, he can go straight to accident and emergency at the hospital. There is the Samaritans phone line in the UK or look up crisis lines.. are there any pinned on this forum, maybe to the right? Papyrus Prevention of young suicide forum is also good. Try to stay calm, tell him you care and the feelings should subside. Longer term he should see a doctor for help. AA and NA groups could also be good, can be googled. I'm about to sleep but good luck.

Ignore about first post sorry.


There are free group counseling in US. Look up the NAMI national alliance mental illness or depression bipolar support alliance. Also look into state resources

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