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I’m always here for you ♥️


I just want people here to know... that you’re never alone ... if you want to chat or rant or anything please message me any time...

I’m not a judgemental person and I will try my best to be there for you in time of needs ...

I know what its like when people can make you feel like you’re just an attention seeker or negative person which can cause you to close off and never talk again...

Please feel free to talk anytime ❣

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Thank you and that's really kind of you to say that!!

thanks for the invite Hope4321, many are here to just talk, and have someone to just listen...

Hope4321 in reply to fauxartist

Yeah it’s really helpful on here ... people are so caring and kind and sometimes that’s what is missing in peoples lives x

fauxartist in reply to Hope4321

I think so too...

Thank you for that post and that goes the same for you . Let's talk anytime

Hope4321 in reply to Lynl

Thank you ♥️ xx

Thanks Hope! I may take you up on your offer sometime. :) And just know, that door swings both ways!

A friend for you :)


Hope4321 in reply to bridder01

Anytime Brian x

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