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I took a nap


Hai guys! I don't always go here but when I do, I see a lot of sad posts.

I want to help as much as I can even though I have problems too.

When people reply back to me helping them I just feel happy that I got noticed.

I hope you guys get noticed too.

There's a lot of people here but yeah.

I mostly recommend MoodPath.

I think crisis hotline have told me about it.

Crisis hotline was in snapchat stories and good thing I got a hold of it before snapchat changed like a month or two ago.

Currently lying down with my boyfriend while he's watching funhaus.

Usually I tried to stay up with him and hug him on my left side while napping...

But my heart and chest weren't feeling well so I lied on my back and sure I didn't fall asleep fast but aye... I dreamt.

I guess having my chest open was making feel better.

Hha obvious but yo... When we are in cloudy mood... We just stay crumpled up like a fetus on our sides.

Just squishing our intestines and organs... I don't know... It just doesn't feel good.

I just hope everyone fine days. I ain't doing well in my mind but I'm trying. I say stop in my head helluh loud when I get to an ego trip or being hyper.

Even more when I have negative thoughts.

It's one of two methods I learned from MoodPath app. You get to learn about depression and anxiety on helluh stuff. I'm not done reading them though. Only two more.

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