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Tonight took a turn for a detour.


Here’s a update from tonight. Well I was doing so good till I started filling out a job application. I prefer not to talk about what happened during it but I just felt super bad and I couldn’t stop crying and having anxiety attacks. This is the worst I’ve felt in months. Every time I think about it I feel tremendous loss and guilt. But the worst thing was how bad my Dad wished he could help me and to keep me from shedding tears. This was a bad time for me and I managed to finish the application. Even though I cried and had some attacks I understand that it’s good to show some emotion and cry every once in a while. It felt good to let it out. My dad thinks that I’m thinking growing up is hard but I think that you need the right knowledge to grow up and become what and who you want to be. I lack that and he wants to help me which is really awesome. The only thing is that I will cry and feel so much anxiety during this which will be a mess but I need to learn to try and figure out how to stay calm and breathe. But also give my dad the chance to help me. I’m sorry for so many words. I wanted to keep updating because I think it’s good for me and I felt this was worth updating.

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I’m so glad your dad is on your side. That’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

Yes it is a very good feeling

Your dad sounds wonderful. I wish my dad was still here. Don’t feel sorry for so many words - the more words the better. Just Breath

Thank you, I’m sorry your dad isn’t here to see how nice you are thank you so much

Crying every once in a while is fine, But, you are beyond that . Please seek help, you will be fine but your Dad will not be around forever so time to just take care of you ,and let Dad enjoy a healthy kid!

Thank you so much

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