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Living with Depression


I am having a really bad week...ran out of citalopram and Dr. has not called it in yet.. 7 days without and I really can't think of anything good about me.

I don't want to say it helps me cause I don't want to be dependent on it but I feel like just shutting myself away from everyone. Nothing I say or do is right. And no matter how I try to help around the house,,,,for me it is never enough! I can't stand myself!

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Quitting cold turkey can cause a major tailspin. I accidentally didn’t take my Med one week and felt like I was dying a psychotic death! Call your pharmacy and explain as well as your doctor. Dependent or not you can NOT quit meds cold turkey. They both should know that. My pharmacy will sometimes give me a few days worth until they can get my prescription and fill it. Call both doctor and pharmacy. The day you take one of like my Med you should start feeling back to your self again.

Thankful for thoughtful response @hopeful Tinkerbell

Hi agree with HT. I don't know what country you are in but I do know that in the UK your pharmacist if they know you will give you a few to tide yourself over. I would ring up your surgery (or better still) go up there first thing tomorrow and demand some action. x

Thanks for caring and responding

I also agree with the above comments. This is a med that has to be slowly weaned off not just stopped. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain and most time an added chemical is needed to bring it into balance. Taking that chemical is nothing to be ashamed about. It is a responsible approach to being a healthy individual. Kind Regards.


Thanks Jeffery

I appreciate you taking time to respond with care and concern.

Hopefully I will be back to feeling worth something soon.

I don't know why my Dr hasn't responded yet.... I'm calling her again today 😉

There is always temptation to come off anti depressants cold turkey I have tried it 4 times but managed 3 days however I was so ill I went back on them again I was gutted. hope you hear from your doctor soon Pattianne take care

I feel better that I have lasted more than a week thanks.... But don't feel well

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