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I have seen the seasons changing one by one. Since last spring when your arms wrapped me up and i slept on your chest that was my home and my nest.

Then summer came, so warm and lonely but I got to where my heart was, in a place full of trees, castles and medieval buildings, where you lived, to the place where you took my heart.

In that place where I saw our love grow, surrounded by leprechauns that made us drunk every Friday. Time ran and we watched the warm summer nights pass speding our time on the terrace with beer and wine until that night we could not spend more time there watching the stars. Then the trees began to change, their leaves darkened and began to fall, the air was more like a breeze at sunset, a little cooler but mild.

I went down brown roads by your side walking along the river, getting wet in the rain, with a very sad weather but there was joy in our souls. Then I flew back to the place that was my home for many years, which I thought would embrace me again, however that heart of mine stayed in our home, next to yours, inside your being, very well kept

The streets were dyed white over there you were, and here the weather was hot again, the castle I loved was covered with white cloaks, to which I promised to return by your hand. That harsh winter ended up destroying what we built and ended up destroying the only good thing that remained in me, the purest love I felt for a being.

To whom I professed love and gave my nights and my days, my thoughts, my time, my life and love. The only one I gave my purest being.

Now spring has arrived again but only for me the flowers are not colorful, neither the birds sing, nor do I see the green of the grass or the sunny days. The harsh winter frozen your heart and ended up killing mine.

Now I am here, in the same place where our story began but now I am sad and desolate.

Even my way is not written yet, my dreams have moved me but have made me disappointed too when I wake up. When this dark spring finishes I will return to the summer that made me happy but now I am alone away from my home, away from the lights that were reflected at dusk on the river.

I remember and I see myself again, on the bridge where the canals cross, you in my mind and I am returning home waiting for the man who gave me that home


He visto cambiar las estaciones una a una. Desde la ultima primavera cuando tus brazos me arropaban y dormía en tu pecho que era mi hogar y mi nido.

Después llegó el verano, tan cálido y solitario pero llegue hasta donde mi corazón se encontraba, en un lugar lleno de árboles, de castillos y edificios medievales, donde tú habitabas, al lugar donde te llevaste mi corazón.

En ese lugar donde vi crecer nuestro amor rodeados de duendes que nos embriagaban cada viernes. El tiempo corrió y vimos pasar las noches cálidas de verano que pasábamos en la terraza con cerveza y vino, hasta la noche que no pudimos pasar más tiempo allí mirando las estrellas. Entonces los árboles comenzaron a cambiar, sus hojas se obscurecieron y comenzaron a caer, el aire era más como una brisa al atardecer, un poco más frío pero templado.

Yo recorrí caminos marrones de tu lado paseando junto al río, mojándonos bajo la lluvia, con un clima muy triste pero había alegría en nuestras almas. Después volé de regreso al lugar que fue mi hogar por muchos años, que crei me adoptaría otra vez, sin embargo ese corazón mío se quedó en nuestro hogar, junto al tuyo, dentro de tu ser muy bien guardado.

Las calles se tiñeron de blanco allá donde estabas, y aquí el clima era nuevamente caluroso, el castillo que amaba se cubrió de mantos blancos, al que prometí regresar de tu mano. Que crudo invierno, terminó por destrozar lo que construimos y terminó por destruir lo único bueno que quedaba en mi, el amor más puro que sentí por un ser.

Al que le profesé amor y le di mis noches y mis días, mis pensamientos, mi tiempo, mi vida y amor. Al único que le di mi más puro ser.

Ahora ha llegado la primavera otra vez solo que para mí las flores no son coloridas, ni las aves cantan, tampoco veo el verde del pasto ni los días soleados. El crudo invierno congelo tu corazón y termino matando al mío.

Ahora estoy aquí, en el mismo lugar donde nuestra historia empezó pero ahora estoy triste y desolada.

Aún mi camino no está escrito, mis sueños me han emocionado pero decepcionado cuando despierto. Cuando termine esta obscura primavera volveré al verano que me alegró pero ahora estoy sola lejos de mi hogar, lejos de las luces que se reflejaban al anochecer en el río.

Recuerdo y me veo otra vez, en el puente por donde cruzan los canales, tu en mi mente y yo regresando a casa esperando al hombre que me regalo ese hogar

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This is so beautiful! I know I've said this a few times now but writing really is one of the best coping mechanisms, and it takes a lot of courage to face your feelings head-on. You're so brave to compose and share this!

Stay strong! ^^


It's how I feel. It's a constant routine. I can't get better, I'm very tired already but my life has been a nightmare since last December. People around is tired of this too but I can't help it! I don't feel good

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I relate. My heart break is fresh... just three days ago I had to leave him for not treating me right. The good memories are all I remember when I am missing him and when I feel lonely. It’s hard. I feel like it’s never going to go away - missing him.

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I'm so sorry to hear that, I bet you love him so much!!! Have you considered to give him an opportunity if he change?

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Well, at the moment I am just trying to move on because if he doesn’t change... it will be a waste of my time waiting. I can’t keep waiting for him :(

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Yes I know, must be very tough.

My ex dumped me like trash last December and I haven't stopped loving him nor missing him. But he doesn't want me. We were engaged but I don't know what happened. I never got a valid reason to finish the relationship.

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I’m so sorry... that is horrible! You deserve better! ❤️




I will never get over him. He is the only love I have ever had. The love of my life. The only one I wanna see in the mornings and the only one I want to sleep with at nights.

If I could choose one man to share my life with I'll choose him thousands of times because there is no person who make my eyes shine like he did.

It was one of those loves that are pure and cristal clear, the only man which I could be myself without masks and lies, my best friend.





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