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I just had the worst panic attack ever! I just want to get rid of the anxiety already! I’m jumping out of my skin and I don’t know what to do!

I’m not sure how I can get up and get dressed for work and make it through the day today?!

Please help !

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Maybe have chamomile tea. Have Tylenol which helps to calm you. Can you possibly go in later to work?

Can I take Tylenol with the Xanax?

Hi I take paxil and use Tylenol. My pharmacist said it's ok

I don't use Tylenol everyday though. I hope you feel better soon

Thank you I’m almost called 911 but I have kids that I need to put on the bus for school

Try to believe you will be ok, anxiety is terrible I had this problem lots of times. That's why I had to take paxil 10 mg. It helps

Maybe I should have my meds changed

Maybe, cause paxil is SSRI and you take everyday but Xanax I think isn't good for everyday. I have lorazepam for certain situations which is like Xanax. I have only 10 of them and keep it in my purse. I haven't used any yet.

Thank you

The doctor just gave me lexapro


Try to breathe slowly in through your nose & out through your mouth. Sure do hope this is of some help to you! XXX

Muchneeded in reply to Hidden

Thank you

Hey there! I had the same thing during the night. I honestly think listening to relaxing music really helps. I didn't go to work either today because I'm not feeling good in general but try distracting your mind.

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